Loan Origination and Servicing with Salesforce and Box Platform

Location: Naperville, Illinois
Industry: Banking and Lending
Use Case: Client account setup, loan application and post-underwriting servicing with Box Platform integrated with


More banking organizations are looking to change their client experience systems to utilize as their system of record for banking personnel in order to have a complete, 360-degree view of a customer. As everything is born digital and the current expectation of clients is to have that ‘immediate gratification’ from every digital experience, banking organizations need to catch up.

In July 2017, CEO and President of Fifth Third Bank, Greg D. Carmichael, stated that “customers embrace technology, and their expectations are rapidly evolving. They want to bank anywhere, anytime, and they compare their bank experience to their last best digital experience — not to experiences with other banks.”

Neocol has created a loan origination and servicing solution to accomplish just that. Bringing a 100% cloud-based set of services together with Box Platform and to create a solution that is nimble, extensible, and elastic with costs based on actual usage.


Structured information about a client is easy to manage in solutions like The challenge is that business information is often kept in documents, which means it is unstructured by nature. Internal processes and workflows are often document-centric and many of the external communications coming from the bank are as well. Moreover, these external communications generally require a signature of receipt and acceptance. This defines any financial instrument in modern banking.

Specifically, in the area of credit card consolidation loans, this becomes especially complex as the required paperwork is heterogenous — tax returns, pay stubs and any of the credit card statements from any number of banking institutions. The specific demographic of consumer for which credit card debt consolidation appeals to also tends to be less technically-inclined, and prefer communications methods like mail, fax and email.

A Neocol client in San Mateo, California intends to double in size in the next three years to have 1000 employees and an IT staff totaling 85. For this client, the loan process begins with more 15 employees in a mail room receiving paper mail, UPS, Fedex and faxes, which are then manually routed to client representatives to manage. Client representatives have to be very hands-on with customers and work over the phone to move clients through to the final loan underwriting process; all the while, manually entering information into their CRM system as more data is captured. Loan documents are then finally scanned into a legacy image system once they are done being referenced, with the only reference points in the CRM being an established folder structure and the file names themselves.


To help banking organizations overcome this challenge, Neocol has engineered a solution that involves a low-cost portal and automatically capture of all all inbound information through a digital intake.

By utilizing the various cloud-based services and Box Platform’s cloud content management capabilities, the entire loan origination and servicing process has transformed how the bank on-boards clients and automates the mundane and manual processes.

In addition to Box Platform, Neocol’s solution leverages:

  • Formstack — an eForm solution to capture client information
  • Ephesoft — an intelligent document scanning and recognition service
  • Workato — an API-based process orchestration platform
  • Webmerge — a customer document generation service
  • Sendgrid — an API-based email delivery system
  • Docusign — a electronic signature provider
  • Twilio — an API-based SMS text messaging service for client and internal messaging
  • — the pre-existing system of record for loan management and client information

As a result of Neocol’s solution, clients have observed:

  • Happier prospects and customers — loan customers are more apt to buy more. Neocol’s solution recommend additional financial products to clients.
  • Greater margins — the ability for the organization to shorten the underwriting window, reduce and automate exception handling and have each client representative able to spend less time per client bring immediate value.
  • Compliance — all of the documents obtained throughout the loan origination have a degree of Personal Credit Information (PCI) and Personal Identification Information (PII) that needs to be properly secured and managed in order to meet industry regulation. By leveraging Box’s cloud content management, Neocol’s solution makes it easier on CISOs and CLOs to contend with issues and audits.

“We could not have done this with an on-premise option like IBM or Opentext. When we started this effort, that was our de-facto thinking and it quickly was not going to make sense from a financial or technology perspective”, Director Customer Banking, San Mateo, California. “Neocol showed us what was possible and made the integration with our existing processes seamless.”

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