Mail2Cloud Enables Secure Email Content Management in Box

Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Transferring, storing, and managing email content (messages and attachments) in Box


mxHero is a server-side platform offering a suite of applications that work with an organization’s email infrastructure. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that routes email and/or email attachments to cloud storage. Mail2Cloud improves the traditional email experience for end users and organizations by augmenting productivity and security while reducing IT infrastructure costs.

To help solve the challenges of email data management, mxHero partnered with Box to extend the benefits of Box’s cloud content management platform to email content. Through the Mail2Cloud-Box integration, users can easily capture, classify, and store critical email data, including messages and attachments, in Box.


Email is one of the Internet’s oldest technologies. Today, it is still one of the tools most widely used in the enterprise. Recent estimates put the number of business email accounts at 1.2B, with business email traffic growing at 7% per year (Radicati*). Email content represents more than 40% of a company’s unstructured data and can easily become one of its data center’s top cost drivers. Email communication around documentation is pervasive — project plans are updated, blueprints adjusted, budgets extended, and statements of work modified — usually via email messages. Moreover, email is an important record of business transactions and agreements. As such, users need to carefully manage email to meet regulatory, compliance, and organizational information security and retention policies.

Although ubiquitous and heavily used, managing corporate email is a challenge that keeps CIOs up at night. With no inherent security, email is based on an architecture that delivers a full copy to each recipient. This results in maximum proliferation of information, as well as an unproductive user experience that funnels everything, from promotional messages to critical client correspondence, into the same crowded inbox.


mxHero saw an opportunity to bring the power of Box to email data management. As Box is a modern, purpose-built technology for content management & collaboration, it could also be used for managing email content in a way that is secure, efficient, and governable.

With the Box integration, Mail2Cloud captures email, intelligently analyzes the content, appropriately tags it, and organizes it into Box-governed folders. Together, mxHero and Box provide security, governance, and enhanced productivity from a single, simple solution that can apply across all enterprise content, whether it be document files or email messages. The solution provides a simplified data architecture, eliminates CAPEX, reduces risks, and provides tools to ensure information governance and compliance.

For the end user, the Mail2Cloud-Box solution works seamlessly with no installation or configuration needed. Users enjoy a uniform experience across all devices, desktop and mobile. Security and governance around messages and attachments is controlled through an administration panel. This ensures that the benefits of Box are automatically deployed to email content in the way that is most effective for the organization — without requiring action from the end user.

A variety of companies, such as Crescent Electric Supply Company, use Mail2Cloud to reduce email-related costs across the organization, both in terms of network bandwidth and storage required for large attachments. In a joint Box-MxHero webinar, Crescent Electric’s IT Manager explains how his organization uses mxHero to strip off attachments and move them into Box, reducing the storage costs from $140 to $0.80 for a single email sent to the entire organization. “mxHero’s Mail2Cloud technology was a key factor in our cloud storage decision and strategy,” says Erich Lemke, Vice President and CIO of Crescent Electric.

Dolby Labs uses mxHero to greatly improve email management in their IP licensing division. Mail2Cloud automatically captures emails, analyzes messages and attachments, and then files them directly into the correct Box folder. “With its lightweight and system-agnostic approach, mxHero has significantly streamlined our email management process,” says Dimas Brataadiredja, Sr. Manager of Patent Licensing Operations. “What was a painful and highly tedious manual process that took at least 5 minutes per correspondence, now takes just a few seconds,” As a result, Dolby increased the efficiency of their email management process by up to 90%.

For all its challenges, email is here to stay. But with cloud technologies like Mail2Cloud by mxHero and Box, enterprise companies can ensure that all their business-critical content, including emails, are securely stored, appropriately governed, and easily accessible.

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*Source: Radicati Email Statics Report, 2013–2017.