Making the Jump from On-Premise ECM to Content Services in the Cloud

Location: Englewood, CO
Industry: IT organizations in any industry
Use Case: Migrating ECM to the cloud


Integro helps companies manage and control their ever-increasing data with expertise in information lifecycle governance and email/records management technology solutions. Integro’s Jump-to-Cloud solution helps companies make a seamless transition from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on-premise systems to content services in the cloud.

Integro partners with Box to provide the cloud-based content management platform that enables their customers to securely manage their enterprise content in the cloud. With proprietary migration tools and award-winning services, Integro ensures that each customer’s transition is secure, accepted by users, and maintains integrity throughout the process.


On-premise ECM systems can be costly and complex to manage and maintain, requiring ongoing investments in hardware, software, IT administrators, training, and services. As cloud services and solutions continue to become more robust and refined, enterprise companies have an opportunity to lower costs, improve security, and foster better collaboration by moving their ECM to the cloud. According to analyst firm Gartner, cloud computing has evolved from a “disruption to an expected approach to traditional as well as next-generation IT.” Moreover, the younger workforce is more comfortable with cloud technology, accustomed to doing everything from their phone or tablet. Increasingly, they will expect the companies they work for to employ cloud technology across most, if not all, aspects of their work experience.

Once a company has decided to move from on-premise ECM to content services in the cloud, they are faced with several critical challenges. It’s important to carefully architect a solution that maintains proper security, metadata, and document and classification structures, as well as considers existing custom ECM applications.


To help companies make this move, Integro has packaged together a number of best-of-breed platforms, technologies, and services to ensure a seamless and fruitful transition. One of the key platform providers is Box. By leveraging Box, Integro is able to provide their customers with a proven, secure platform that they can count on to help them safely manage their critical content in the cloud.

As part of the process, Integro helps customers develop a custom architecture and and mapping of security models, metadata, classification, and folder structure so that no data or integrity is lost from one system to the other. They also provide expertise in migration strategy and implementation, as well as customer team training and knowledge transfer. Once content has migrated, Integro also helps customers strengthen their information governance program, including email governance, data cleanup, fileshare retirement, and retention management.

Ultimately, the Integro + Box solution helps their customers reduce costs and improve efficiency. By eliminating local storage, companies no longer need to continue investing in hardware and IT resources to scale or maintain the system. Content is stored in a central cloud repository, fostering improved collaboration and easy access from anywhere via any device. Features such as detailed audit tracking, retention policies, and permission controls help ensure content remains secure and that compliance and regulatory requirements are met. With enterprise content safely in the cloud, IT organizations are better equipped to meet the needs of the business in today’s digital world.

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