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New Slack+Box quick-start guide

Get ready to build custom integrations between Slack and Box

In on our ongoing push towards enhancing our guides to showcase the ways in which Box can be used within all of the different systems your business uses today, we’re happy to announce the next integration in our growing repository of quick-starts, Slack.

You can read and walk through the new Slack quick start here.

Sync Slack channels to Box user groups

Slack channels are a natural way in which many of us use Slack to group people into projects, interest areas, or quick conversation threads. A common function of these channels is to share content with the people in the channel, and this is exactly the capabilities that we want to showcase with this new guide.

This quick-start guide will walk you through a deep integration of Slack channels with Box groups and collaborations, where Slack channel members are able to share files and folders in Box easily with everyone in the group, while giving everyone access to the files in Box at the same time.

Share content with entire channels

The /boxadd command allows users to quickly share Box content with Slack channels

Here’s how it works — When the bot is added to a channel the channel, and its members, become a Box group. When folks come and go the group is updated. Using a command in the channel, such as /boxadd, anyone in the channel can share their files and folders with the group. Behind the scenes the bot is collaborating that content with the group, meaning that the files and folders won’t get lost in the conversation, such as if you were sharing a link.

We hope you find this quick start useful for your work, and through the guide are able to see the power of integrating Box groups and collaborations within your natural workflow.