New Zip Download APIs

Cristiano Betta
Jul 24, 2020 · 2 min read
The Zip Download API is now available

Starting today, a new collection of API endpoints are available that allow a developer to create a Zip archive containing a list of files and folders. The ability to create an archive via the API has been a much requested feature and it allows platform customers to combine a collection of files and folders and share them directly with their users without having to download the files via an intermediate server.

Creating a Zip archive

To create a Zip archive, a developer would provide our API with a list of files and folder identifiers.

Each file and folder will be added to the archive on the fly as the download is started. The API subsequently returns two new URLs that can be used to download the Zip archive, as well as monitor the status of the download.

The download URL is an unauthenticated endpoint that can be shared directly with end users. This feature allows a server to generate a Zip download archive, and then directly share the download URL with a browser where it will be downloaded to the user’s machine.

Please feel free to send us any feedback, suggestions, issues, or enhancements that you might have. You can reach out to us via Twitter, the developer forum, or via Box Pulse.

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