Nintex and Box Automates Sales Content Lifecycle Management and Workflows

Location: Bellevue, WA
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Sales content and workflow automation integrated with Box


Nintex provides workflow and content automation solutions to enterprise companies around the world, helping customers do more of what they do best. Nintex empowers line of business and IT departments to quickly automate hundreds of manual processes through an easy, point-and-click interface. Nintex Workflow Cloud™ connects with all content repositories, systems of record, and people to consistently fuel successful business outcomes.

To keep work moving between systems, Nintex provides seamless integration with dozens of best-of-breed cloud technologies. By integrating with Box, the company helps their customers create sophisticated workflows around document management with ease.


Sellers today are expected to reach their prospects and customers across a variety of systems, devices, and platforms. Yet with so many technologies at hand, the manual effort to communicate and collaborate across email, Requests for Proposals/ Quotations, spreadsheets, and documents only increases as the sales cycle continues. Their CRM system may not be updated, and the rep may have relevant content sitting on their desktop, in cloud storage, or in a sea of email attachments. It’s exhausting and costly for a seller to keep track of where key content and data are stored, especially as these continue to be updated throughout the sales cycle.

At the close of the sales cycle, the rep needs to create a contract using information and supporting documents that may be scattered across various touchpoints. In most cases, this process is highly manual and therefore prone to error. In addition, once the seller has sent the contract out for signature, it’s common that comments, questions, or redlines come up, which then require even more back and forth email.

By the time the contract is signed and stored, so much time and effort has been spent manually extracting data in and out from the various systems of records (CRM, SAP, CCM), as well as ensuring the right people have been included in the creation, review, and approval of the contract. Once the next prospect or contract comes along, this cumbersome process repeats, and the seller has lost significant time focusing on what they do best: selling.


To help empower sellers and sales teams, Nintex and Box are now integrated to provide intelligent process automation throughout the sales cycle. The solution enables powerful collaboration, review, and approval workflows that save time and costs.

Nintex and Box enable sales organizations to focus on closing deals, attaining quota, and being strategic about how they spend their time, instead of chasing people and documents. Nintex’s intuitive workflow designer provides“drag and drop” tools to automate workflows that connect people to critical enterprise content and systems of records. Teams can create smart workflows, document generation processes, forms, out-of-the-box integrations, mobile apps, and analytics to help optimize processes across an organization. For example, sellers can use Nintex to automatically generate contracts in Box for redlining, and trigger retention policy workflows around Box metadata that drive compliance with their organizations’ core business policies.

Instead of using Box only at the point of final contract storage, Nintex workflows bring in Box’s powerful cloud content collaboration and metadata features. In the case of contract documentation, Nintex’s document generation capabilities enable’s a seller to automatically extract CRM data into their document output of choice. The contract will be formatted to their chosen template and outputted into Box for secure storage. The document can then be routed via e-signature, and once signed stored safely in Box with the appropriate metadata applied. Box’s enterprise-grade security and management capabilities helps the team keep business-critical content secure and compliant with the organization’s information governance policies.

The following image shows an example of document generation and advanced logic constructs for the line-of-business user.

If the customer has questions or comments on the contract, they can use Box’s content collaboration features to comment, write in suggested changes, and tag specific people to review their suggested changes. In the background, Box is managing the content version and ensuring version control on the contract. When customers approve the final version, Nintex will automatically pull the approved version of the contract from Box into an e-signature solution for final contract execution.

When the contract is signed, Nintex automatically stores the final version in Box, routes it to the system of record (CRM), and emails it to all parties for reference. Notifications can also be sent to operations teams via Slack or Twilio. Using Nintex, users can apply Box metadata to the file, such as signature date or customer geography. This metadata can later be used to help ensure contract compliance. When a contract expiration date is imminent, Nintex will trigger workflows that alert users to take action.

With Nintex and Box, sales organizations can define the content workflows that help them make their job easier, so they can focus their expertise on building relationships and closing sales. As other departments within the enterprise step in to collaborate on next steps from a seller’s won opportunity, the possibilities with Nintex and Box become endless.

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