Optimizing your workflow with Box Skills and Google Cloud AI

Box Developers
Apr 16 · 1 min read

We’ve recently been exploring the different ways in which Box Skills, in conjunction with different AI / ML providers, may be used to build intelligent insights into equity data, leasing documents, and invoicing.

Exploring data enhancement is just one part of a larger conversation, which involves taking those deep data insights and building them into an intelligent business workflow.

This is precisely what Oliver Parker, Director at Google Cloud, is discussing in a recent post he made on the subject, titled “How Box Skills can optimize your workflow with the help of Cloud AI”.

As we continue our explorations within machine learning and artificial intelligence, this is precisely the state we’re moving towards — Enhancing the underlying files within Box with the intention of triggering off other business flows and verification steps, removing the typically manual and time consuming efforts in the middle, allowing you to make your data work harder for you.

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