RevUnit and Box Advance the Employee Training Experience

Location: Bentonville, AR
Industry: Technology
Use Case: Employee Learning Management Solutions (LMS) powered by Box content management services


RevUnit works with large enterprise clients to develop solutions that help the business, and its employees, work better. Using human-centric design, strategic vision, and innovative technology, RevUnit builds solutions for employee productivity, access to job-essential data, employee intranets, recruiting tools, and more.

Because RevUnit’s clients operate at such a large scale, Box is well-suited to serving their enterprise content management needs. RevUnit partnered with Box to build an employee Learning Management Solution for one of the world’s largest retailers.


Today’s employees have embraced technology in all areas of their lives. A wide range of innovative applications help people be more organized, increase productivity, and learn faster than ever before. At work, people expect the same level of sophistication and results from the workplace technology that they use throughout the work day.

When it comes to workplace learning, employees have little patience with outdated technology that offers a poor user experience. Whether an employee is going through onboarding, skills training, policy review, or other workplace instruction, they will quickly become frustrated or bored with a clunky learning solution. Many trainings are required to comply with business-critical company policies, legal or industry regulations, or workplace safety. If employees are not engaged with the educational material, then it puts the business, and the employee, at risk.

It’s critical that employees stay engaged and retain information presented through structured learning experiences throughout the employee lifecycle. As such, today’s enterprises are looking for smarter and more sophisticated ways to educate their workforce, and technology that can operate at scale.


A large retail enterprise came to RevUnit with a need for a more robust learning management solution. The client was using off-the-shelf SaaS LMS software coupled with an array of additional applications to create a customized, scalable system. As a result, the system’s file management and content organization capabilities were poor, and the user experience was lackluster. The client needed a solution that was tailor-made, built to integrate specifically into their environment, and could be easily controlled.

RevUnit saw a convergence between their technology development services and Box’s content management platform. Using Box’s real-time content services, RevUnit built a custom learning application for their client that easily integrated into the client’s existing infrastructure.

In the RevUnit — Box solution, all learning content is centralized and securely stored in Box. Individual documents are tagged using Box metadata for easy access and management. This provides an intuitive file management experience for corporate education teams. Box’s enterprise-grade security means that content is securely stored and accessed per the company’s information governance policies.

For self-led instruction, users access learning modules through an intuitive, web or mobile-friendly user interface. The experience features improved testing and the ability to access content as reference material. For classroom-led training, instructors can easily access Box content in real-time e and present it to employees throughout the session. Box’s file preview feature enables both instructors and online users to preview 120+ file types, including PDF and video, from within the RevUnit application — without having to launch additional applications.

The solution that RevUnit and Box built was massive. With 200,000 users in 150+ locations, and 150 terabytes of data stored, the project was no small feat. Because the LMS solution focused on the needs of users to create a seamless, engaging experience, it greatly improved the speed and quality of employee training across the enterprise. “The Box and RevUnit partnership is enabling employee learning at unprecedented levels,” says Joe Saumweber, CEO of RevUnit. “Massive numbers of employees now have access to training and development opportunities that didn’t exist before. Our beautiful, usable app sitting on top of robust content collaboration tools from Box has been a powerful combination.”

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