Tech Mahindra and Box Enhance Collaboration in Product Lifecycle Management

Location: Pune, Maharastra, India
Industry: Technology / Manufacturing
Use Case: Product lifecycle management through secure content collaboration and management


Tech Mahindra is a global technology solutions provider that delivers innovative and customer-centric information technology to business around the world, including Fortune 500 enterprises. The company focuses their expertise on digital design, software development, and systems integration to solve a wide range of core business challenges.

Tech Mahindra’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Practice is one of the largest in India, implementing end-to-end services across the automotive, high-tech, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare industries. The company partnered with Box to bring robust content collaboration and management capabilities to the PLM processes used by manufacturers.


For manufacturing companies everywhere, a core aspect of their operations focuses on managing the end-to-end product lifecycle. Typically this involves numerous teams across multiple geographies, including external collaborators, who work with massive amounts of information, some of which is confidential.

With the sheer volume and complexity of PLM information at hand, it can be challenging to efficiently manage the people and processes needed to properly maintain it all. The right information must be accessible to those authorized to use it, with restricted permissions in place for sensitive content. Version control and IOS 9001 compliance across documents is critical. Processes are needed for coordinating distributed teams and reducing the human error inherent in manual tasks.

As the volume of PLM data increases, so does an ever-increasing demand for on-premise storage, network bandwidth, data backups, and ongoing system maintenance and management. In addition, adding external partners into the mix often adds VPN licensing and other costs.


The PLM Collaboration Solution from Tech Mahindra and Box meets the challenges of product lifecycle management by providing robust collaboration and document management capabilities. Designed for enterprise-level manufacturing companies, the solution enables organizations to securely share sensitive data and intuitively collaborate on PLM content, while maintaining the required control and visibility. The cloud-based solution is customizable to meet each customer’s needs and infrastructure.

For distributed teams, the PLM Collaboration Solution provides a common workspace, allowing companies to share and collaborate on key documents, as well as manage product files, from one central location. All documents and communications are stored digitally on the Box platform. All teams — including the design engineers, manufacturing technicians, and partners — directly access or upload the appropriate documents, depending on their permission levels. This assures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date documents, thereby eliminating version-control problems and increasing efficiency. In addition, automating the information-gathering process dramatically reduces the risk of human error and accelerates time-to-market.

Working with external parties also becomes easier. Design engineers can publish specifications stored in Box directly to vendors from the designer’s PLM tool. Box’s robust content governance capabilities can allow “Vendor A” to access the information, while at the same time prohibiting “Vendor B” from seeing it. The system tracks access by individual vendor, and internal users, who get real-time email alerts of any activity requiring their attention, can assign tasks and comment on documents. All changes are clearly visible in the system, which provides a complete history of all documents and communication.

The Tech Mahindra — Box integration reduces on-premise storage needs and eliminates the need to buy PLM and VPN licenses for employees and vendors (a potential security risk). Organizations can save thousands of

dollars in licensing fees, as well as datacenter and network management costs. In addition Box collaboration capabilities are natively integrated with the manufacturer’s own PLM system, extending the value of legacy system investments by expanding their capabilities through cloud-based collaboration.

When it comes to security, a lightweight, well-managed, centralized platform is easier to monitor and secure than a highly distributed one. Multiple encryption layers, robust permissioning, and strict physical and infrastructure security help assure that only qualified parties can upload, download, and view documents. Box’s enterprise-grade security capabilities protects sensitive business communication and documents, ensures regulatory compliance, and reduces data loss. Box increases operational efficiency by extending security controls to the cloud and providing a secure workspace for any device, anywhere.

Since the PLM Collaboration Solution has been in market, Tech Mahindra has learned that customers have saved an average of $10,272 per user per year. Users themselves have saved an average of 59 minutes per week by finding the information they need 52% faster. Customers have reported that Box has made their business processes more efficient, secured their sensitive data, and improved project turnaround times. For manufacturers of all kinds, cloud collaboration processes enable them to communicate more effectively and be more competitive in the marketplace.

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