Tech Mahindra and Box Streamline the Mortgage Application Workflow

Location: Pune, Maharastra, India
Industry: Technology / Manufacturing
Use Case: eMortgage application processing with secure content management


Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator with a presence in 55 countries. Tech Mahindra focuses on solving business problems by leveraging off-the-shelf products, legacy applications, and cloud-based technologies. The company partners with a wide range of best-of-breed technology providers, such as Box, to develop and integrate cost-effective solutions that enable its customers to solve core business problems.

In partnership with Box, Tech Mahindra focused on transforming paper-based processes in the financial services industry. They created an eMortgage solution that automates the mortgage application workflow and leverages Box’s secure content management platform, enabling lenders to increase operational efficiency and productivity.


When it comes to mortgage lending processes, banks and financial service providers today face increasing challenges to stay competitive. Traditionally, lenders rely on highly manual, paper-based processes to take a loan application from intake through underwriting. Loan officers and staff must spend significant time handling and routing paperwork, coordinating input and signatures from applicants, and ensuring data is complete. Moreover, applications come with a host of supporting documents, such as paystubs, bank statements, and credit reports, that must be managed along with the application paperwork itself.

The entire workflow is by nature laborious, inefficient, prone to human error, and puts confidential data at risk. This business challenge persists at a time when banks are facing increasing competition from “born digital” industry disruptors, margins are shrinking, regulatory costs are risking, and customers are demanding faster, more efficient service.


The eMortgage Solution from Tech Mahindra and Box automates the mortgage application workflow,

dramatically speeding up the process, and greatly improving security, accuracy, and efficiency. In addition, the solution enables financial institutions to better manage risk and reduce the costs of governance and regulatory compliance.

At the heart of the eMortgage workflow is Box. All documents associated with a loan, from the initial application to the closing forms, are stored securely on Box. All parties involved in a loan — including the customers, sales agents, loan officers and back-office staff — directly access and upload the documents to the system, depending on their permission levels. The system ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date documents from one central. It eliminates the need for printing documents or manual processes for version-control or distributed document management.

eMortgage also takes advantage of Box’s collaboration features, enabling users to assign tasks and comment on documents. Real-time notifications alert individuals when action is needed, and Box’s support for secure mobile access means that users can access the shared workspace from any device.

Because data security in financial services is paramount, Box’s enterprise-grade security and governance features ensure that loan documentation is compliant with industry regulations. Strict permissions can be set to control who uploads, downloads, or views a particular document. This is particularly important in mortgage application processing, which can involve outside agencies that are not under the lender’s control (e.g., credit bureaus). Multiple layers of encryption and robust physical and infrastructure security add even greater protection. In short, Box meets the compliance and security standards of the financial industry, protects business communications, and minimizes data loss.

eMortgage also integrates two other leading cloud-based services to extend functionality. GoFormz provides easy forms management for data capture and management. DocuSign’s digital signatures capabilities eliminate the need for paper and assure a complete digital history of the transaction, facilitating end-to-end process audits if needed.

The cloud-based solution is customizable to meet each customer’s needs and infrastructure. eMortgage and Box integrate easily with existing legacy systems, extending the bank’s existing technology investments with cloud collaboration capabilities. The solution can be implemented quickly, allowing lenders to focus on customers, not on technology.

With Tech Mahindra and Box, mortgage lenders can leverage greater process efficiency to reduce loan cycle times and process more loans without increasing staff. Faster close rates and flexible communication methods make lenders more appealing to customers, and ultimately more competitive in the marketplace.

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