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Design your Custom Gift Box for any Event

The skill of conducting mass gift events can be safely attributed to the art of management. Thoughtfully chosen gift, the well-planned procedure of donation cause strong positive emotions. Needless to say, the psychological effect is reflected in the quality of work of employees, their attitude to the direct management and the company as a whole.

Honouring those who distinguished themselves on public holidays in the past, as are letters of commendation, honorary addresses and plaques of honour. Modern managers know that it is more important to pay attention to everyone, and even a small but effectively packed in a gift box, a real gift to get more pleasure than a colourful piece of paper.

In this regard, gift box wrapping becomes extremely important. An inexpensive souvenir in a beautiful box, presented in an appropriate environment acts more strongly than in passing stuff stuck in your hands, more expensive, but wrapped in a newspaper.

Is it appropriate to place branded symbols on the product? Absolutely. It is not only acceptable but also desirable to do, as it corresponds to the purpose of the event, because the gift box is presented on behalf of the company.

The value of the gift box wrapping increases many times when congratulating dear, close people. The recipient will immediately note your efforts to bring joy to every detail of the gift. It is appreciated.

To make a worthy box yourself is very difficult, it is better to trust professionals. The masters of “Central Printing House” have long been involved in this case, they are real artists. In addition, they have at their disposal modern industrial equipment. It is possible to make large batches on it, which is impossible in artisan conditions.

The production cycle, design

“Central Printing House” — the enterprise which carries out a full cycle of works on manufacturing of boxes. It includes:

Manufacturing of a prototype (layout of the box). The acceptable size of the package for a particular product is calculated, the method of fastening the parts of the product is determined. The design and list of necessary materials are agreed upon. The drawing is made, a prototype is produced according to it. Necessary updatings are carried out and, after the project statement, the product is started in manufacture. The price of work — 3000 r.
Design. The specialist of the printing house develops the artistic concept of the future product, taking into account the expected method of printing and additional post-press operations. The client has several design options to choose from. The price of work — 2000 r.
Production. Consistent implementation of machine and manual operations provided by the selected technology: cutting, printing, glueing, etc.

Types of boxes

“The central printing house offers the following types of cardboard boxes for sale:

Custom Made Corrugated Boxes

Boxes with one-sided glueing. A common construction, assembled along the glueing line. A full colour printed image is applied to the cardboard or thick paper, the outer side is covered with film (laminated).
Boxes of cardboard. At the heart — strong binding cardboard. Manufacturing is labour-intensive, includes many operations. But the box turns out solid and elegant.
Self-assembled boxes. The pressed products with valves for assemblage. The connection only constructive, mechanical, without using scrap and glue. In some cases, for ease of assembly, the workpiece is made longitudinal grooves (creasing) and a number of holes (perforation).
The final cost of the product is calculated for each order separately and depends heavily on the following factors:

Material. The cheapest is corrugated cardboard. Sufficient strength, but low resistance to moisture. The “loose” surface accepts only 1–2 paints. A budget option for packaging. The stronger and smoother coated cardboard is more expensive. On it is possible to print images in several inks, to carry out post-printing processing. As a result, the box takes quite a presentable look. Designer cardboard is the most expensive. The basis for the production of luxury packaging. Fibres of pure cellulose, which almost entirely consists of the material, give it increased density and smoothness. Any colourful images can be printed on this surface. A wide choice of textures and the possibility of any post-printing treatment.
Method of production. In the manufacture of products, along with machine operations, is widely used manual labour. The higher the share of the latter in the overall process, the more expensive the product.
Circulation. Production of both large and small batches attracts almost the same production and human resources. There is a principle of economic feasibility — the smaller the batch, the more expensive the box and vice versa. In our printing house, there is a minimum limit of 100 pcs.




Box4you is a Custom Made Box company in Canada and the United stated of America US. Box Manufacturing company which provides good quality boxes on demand of the client. Also provides shippment and on demand order.

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