Welcoming the Metropolitan Police Service of London to Box

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2 min readSep 7, 2017


We’re thrilled to announce that the Metropolitan Police Service of London (the Met) is moving to Box. The British police service, covering the Greater London area and its 8.6 million residents, will use up to 50,000 Box seats across the organisation to manage content in the cloud as it drives towards Digital Policing.

The Met is the largest police force in the UK. By choosing Box, it is empowering its workforce to work in smarter ways as they fight crime. We’re delighted that Box can help power the Met’s incredible work protecting the city of London.

The Met has identified multiple use-cases for Box, such as providing a central online location for CCTV footage, making it easier to search and share valuable evidence without the need to travel to local authorities or manage physical media such as DVDs or USBs.

Angus McCallum, Chief Information Officer at the Met, has this to say on the exciting move to Box:

“It’s my job to deliver digital transformation at the Met and to equip our officers and staff with the best technology to enable a constantly-improving service and response to crime in London. By choosing Box, we’re transforming how we access content across the force, making us much more effective and efficient, which is absolutely critical when working on the frontline of law enforcement.”

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