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Junie Kim
Junie Kim
Feb 25, 2020 · 4 min read

From numerous vendors to expiry dates, cosmetics inventory management is prone to be difficult due to its characteristics😭. Like food, not only its expiration date crucial to keep track of but also because the products are released by the season, expiration date management is always a rapid task for cosmetics inventory management.

Managing Beauty Supplies on BoxHero

BoxHero is an inventory management system for individuals or small to medium-sized businesses. From expiry date management to WMS, count on BoxHero 👌

Inventory Management Program, BoxHero

Item ID: Accurate Tracking

When it comes to beauty supplies, managing its expiry date is crucial. Also, it’s important to track each item if retrieving certain items back for returns. Therefore, not only are barcodes necessary but also item ID for each item comes helpful for accurate tracking.

Same product, different item IDs

Because each location and the expiry date has its item ID, you can easily track even after making a stock out transaction. Like the above screenshot, although it’s the same product, they are divided by expiry date and location.

Stock Out Transaction

You can individually insert stock out the quantity for each item ID.

Transaction history

Transaction history is recorded with details for you to always go back and check the details.

👉Click here and learn more about Multi Mode’s Sub-unit(Item ID)

Location: Easy Sorting

For speedy check, you can sort by the category you have added for each product. For example, with the sorting menu from the ‘Product List’, you can check the products, quantity, status for each location.

Product List > Sort in ‘Location’

From ‘Product List’, use the filter below the search bar in ‘Location’ to see the overall inventory status in location.

Smart Management: Expiry Date Alarm

Without going through the product’s expiry dates one by one, have BoxHero send notifications to you before they expire. Notifications are sent to the BoxHero app in the morning.

Expiry Notification

From ‘More > Expiry’, you can start a feature specialized for expiration date management. By clicking the green button, ‘+ Add ‘Sell By Date’ Category’, you can start right away. (Please be aware that this feature is only available on Multi Mode.)

You can see the expiry date status right away by how many days are left.

👉Click here for more information on Expiry Management.

Excel FIFO: Product Near-Expiry to be First Out

With the expiry managing feature, you can make a list of products to make stock out with barcode and quantity in excel and have BoxHero automatically make the transaction from the nearest expiry dates first.

‘Excel FIFO’ feature can be found on the ‘Expiry’ page’s upper-right corner.

The excel file needs two information for BoxHero to read and calculate automatically: barcode and quantity to make stock out.

Then, please upload the file or copy & paste the data.

When uploaded, a draft for stock out by the nearest expiry date will be automatically formed. For example, if 30 stocks of [Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless..] needs to be taken out, the first 10 with expiry dates of 2020–02–19 will be taken out first and then 20 for 2020–05–07 will be taken out for the rest.

Again, to take out 52 stocks of [Kerastase Genesis Fortifying Blow-Dry…] product, 5 stocks of expiry date 2020–05–07 will be taken out first since it’s the nearest expiration.

👉Click here for more information on Excel FIFO

Learn more about the mentioned features:

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