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Junie Kim
Junie Kim
Mar 10, 2020 · 3 min read

Inventory management? Is it necessary for cafés, too?😲

Yes! Because ingredients or supply stockout can result in

  1. Customer dissatisfaction 👎
  2. Losing loyal customers 💧
  3. And end up a loss in sales 📉

Nonetheless, it’s difficult to manage café inventory since the business is usually run by many part-time workers.

So, what are some ways to prevent running out of paper cups?

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Here is a solution to prevent stockout and maintain an optimum level of inventory for cafes☕.

Sharing the inventory status on paper or excel is difficult since it needs to be constantly updated and it’s shared by so many members. By using a cloud-based inventory program, real-time data is shared among all workers on PC or mobile. For example, the designated worker for tracking the inventory can process their work on PC and that updated status is shared with the other workers on mobile.

BoxHero provides synced data for PC and mobile.

By classifying and labeling your inventory, it increases inventory visualization and helps to streamline the café’s workflow by easier sorting and viewing. With categories such as type, unit, supplier, and expiry date, you can conveniently view items by each category.

Sort and view by the category

Ingredients like dairy products have a very tight cycle of exhaustion. For such repetitive tasks of making stock out, take advantage of ‘FIFO’ on BoxHero for automatic quantity stock out based on its expiry date.

By importing an excel with a list of used up ingredients, BoxHero processes the data to automatically make a stock out by the nearest expiry date.

Take the stock out automatically based on FIFO

BoxHero’s analytics is not only a good tool to keep track of current stock in and out status but allows an inventory forecast for the upcoming month. Check the inventory history for the past month by the category and take as a reference when making the next order.

BoxHero Dashboard

When running a business, it’s impossible to do an inventory check frequently. However, the main purpose of an inventory check is to maintain the optimized stock level. Therefore, by inputting a safety stock quantity for the products, BoxHero sends a notification alarm to alert you from stockout.

Keep track of the inventory by inserting the minimum stock quantity

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BoxHero is an inventory management solution for small to medium-sized businesses.


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