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Junie Kim
Junie Kim
Apr 23, 2020 · 4 min read

One of the most commerces that needs extra care for security is a jewelry store. However, as much as security is necessary, managing jewelry inventory is as crucial for the following reasons:

3 Reasons Why Jewelry Inventory Management is Important

  1. To prevent from Forgery
  2. For utilizing multi-channel e-commerce
  3. To prevent deadstock or out-of-date inventory

The basis of inventory management is to know how many products are located where. Know what jewels💎 are where, with the tips below.

Jewelry Inventory Management with BoxHero

BoxHero is an inventory management program for small to medium-sized businesses.

BoxHero is in both PC and mobile app.

1. Barcoding

Barcodes are very essential to inventory management and the rule applies to jewelry stores as well. By barcoding the products or materials, tracking and analyzing your inventory is much easier.

Product Information with Barcode on PC
Product Information on Mobile

Product information is synced between PC and mobile. One of the examples to utilize a cloud-based system is by importing/exporting bulk information on PC and use a mobile app for barcode scanner and simple import, export.

Scanning, manual inputting, or generating barcode available

On BoxHero, you can insert your barcode or generate it for advanced management. Barcode label for printing is provided for easy scanning and faster workflow.

2. Inventory Visualization

One of the strategies to streamline the management workflow is to increase the visualization of your inventory. Also, visualization helps your team get used to and adapt to the inventory workflow faster.


If you have an excel file of your inventory, you can add the product photos in bulk on BoxHero. Find out more here: 🔗Uploading Photos in Bulk

3. Detailed Categorization

When our clothes are piled in one giant mess, let alone it’s impossible to find what you need, you won’t even be able to know how many clothes are piled. So we know that organization is important, but to streamline your workflow, labeling is the next step you must take.

For jewelry, common categories would be ‘Category(type)’, ‘Material’, and ‘Color’. Then, when you register a product, by labeling each product by the below types, you can later view your inventory by each category.

Product Category from Settings

You can view the quantity and the products by each type.


Categories can be added as much as you want by the type of your inventory.

4. Analyze, Predict Your Inventory with Dashboard

Based on your recent inventory activities, BoxHero creates analytics in real-time from ‘Dashboard’. Check your inventory and make an insight when making orders or counting the inventory.

Try BoxHero ‘Demo — Jewelry’

You can try BoxHero demos without any separate registration for free.

BoxHero’s ‘Demo — Jewelry’

BoxHero is a simple inventory management program for small to medium-sized businesses. Try 30-days free trial with BoxHero right now.


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