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Junie Kim
Junie Kim
May 11, 2020 · 4 min read

4 Tips on Efficiently Managing Pharmaceutical Supplies

1. Starting Automation

When managing diverse supplies, it’s always better to make an automation system rather than manually registering products every time to increase the credibility of your inventory data.

2. Getting Rid of Expired Medicines

Not only is handling expired supplies crucial but receiving a refund for expired products for a better economization is necessary for pharmacy operation.

3. Analyzing your Inventory

For advanced inventory management, it’s recommended to analyze your inventory by the week, month, season after the transaction data has sufficiently piled. Not only is inventory about preventing a stockout, but also knowing which product is no longer in demand.

4. Using Cloud-based Program

Regardless of working alone or as a team, accessing your inventory data on both mobile and PC with automatic syncing is a must. Documenting on a paper of excel file only makes it hard to share and update your data. Especially, if the inventory management is being run as a team, real-time update prevents miscommunication.

Start Efficient Pharmaceutical Supply Management with BoxHero

BoxHero is an easy-to-use inventory management program.

1. Automating with Barcode and QR-code

On BoxHero’s Multi Mode, not only can you register products by barcodes, but you can also register sub-items under the product by QR-codes. This way, you do not have to register the same products repeatedly, but only add its updated information such as expiry dates, location, or supplier.

Product and Sub-items

👉Learn more about Multi Mode

By clicking the product, you can check out the product information and the registered sub-items along with the current quantity status.

On a product, register basic information such as type, unit, and barcode. Barcodes can be manually inputted by the user or automatically generate it on BoxHero.

For sub-items that are listed on a product, each sub-item has its Item ID with a QR-code that offers label printing.

👉Check out how to register sub-items all at once

2. Managing Expiry Dates

By registering expiry dates, you can receive expiry notification before your products expire.

From remaining expiry to expired products can be viewed at once.

Want to get expiry notification and make stock out by FIFO?

3. Inviting Team Members with Cloud-based System

Invite your teams to manage pharmaceutical supplies together. Because BoxHero is a very simple inventory management program, workers without in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge can easily adapt to the program and start inventory management quickly. Also, because it’s a cloud-based system, all products and transactions are saved in real-time regardless of how many users are working on it simultaneously.

To invite members, click the green ‘+ Add Partner’ button from ‘Settings > Member’ for the invite link.

💌To learn more about each member’s role, check this page out!

4. Analyzing Inventory with ‘Dashboard’

You can see check out your inventory analytics from Dashboard. See how many stocks you have by the category and the number of stock in and out to predict next month’s inventory status.

Try BoxHero ‘Demo — Medicine’

You can try BoxHero demos without any separate registration.

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📂 For more information on the features listed above:

BoxHero is an inventory management solution for small to medium-sized businesses.


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