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It’s all about expiration date management.

Junie Kim
Junie Kim
May 7, 2020 · 2 min read

3 Necessary Features when Choosing a Supermarket Inventory Management Program

  1. 🔔Notifications for shelf life items
  2. 🏷️Supports barcodes and QR codes
  3. 📱Provides barcode scanner

Starting Supermarket Inventory Management with BoxHero

BoxHero is an inventory management program for all types of businesses.

1. Managing Shelf Life Items

Dealing with the expiry date is one of the main tasks for supermarkets. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose an inventory program that specializes in shelf-life management. On BoxHero, users can receive notifications for each expiry date before products expire. Moreover, check out ‘Excel FIFO’ that helps the user to draft a stock out transaction by the nearest expiry.

2. Barcode & QR-code

Unfortunately, barcodes do not carry expiry information until someone inserts it into their system, which is why barcode and QR-code from BoxHero come handy when managing expiration dates. For every new stock of expiry date, BoxHero assists you from registering every expiry date one by one but adding only the expiry dates under fixed product information in a mode called Multi Mode.

3. Barcode Scanner

Since products are manufactured with barcodes attached to the packaging, the only other thing needed is a barcode scanner. Rather than carrying around a separate scanner, scan with your smartphone that you already carry in your pocket every day to make a transaction.

Learn more about the mentioned features mentioned in this post!

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You can try ‘Demo — Supermart’ without any registration.

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