DASH Surges past $90 USD #CryptoSurge

Sudden Surges in DASH value is no longer surprising anymore, even when there are new direct announcements about the currency. This weekend, DASH skyrocketed past $90 US in an event dubbed “Crypto Surge”.

DASH Crypto Surge 2017
DASH pushes past $90 USD


Nearly Every cryptocurrency is experiencing immense growth, most likely caused by changes in the political and financial landscape. Tight financial regulations and uncertain political futures are causing all cryptocurrencies like DASH to gain more mainstream attention and hence more value. Here are some reasons why DASH, in particular, is growing like crazy:

DASH is available on more platforms:

Recently DASH is been added as a currency on the iOS wallet JAXX. It is one of few cryptocurrencies that are tradable on the iOS platform which supports private transactions.

DASH evolution:

DASH evolution Logo

DASH will receive a huge update in the near future which will allow it to gain mainstream adoption. Features such as sending to usernames (rather than long addresses) will greatly improve user friendliness.

How to Benefit from the Rise in Dash Value

Missed out on the rise in DASH value? You can still join in on the action now by signing up for DASH cloud mining. Cloud contracts charge the same and pre-surge prices, whilst the value of the output (DASH!) has gone up. This means DASH cloud mining contracts give high yield now than previously. Check out a full guide here: Genesis Mining DASH Return on Investment.

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