Mysterious death of NEO investor Zhang Shoucheng sparks fear of foul play

The sudden death of Danhua Capital (DHVC) founder Zhang Shoucheng 
shocked the crypto investment space this week. Zhang passed away this week at the age of 55 in an apparent suicide. Zhang’s family has come out to say that he was struggling with depression — “There is no police investigation, and the authorities have no suspicions about Professor Zhang’s death”.

Suspicious of foul-play

Video speculating there is more to the story is now #13 trending on YouTube with more than 100,000 views

The Chinese crypto scene suspected foul play and took to social media to voice their suspicions. Moreover, huge dips are common in the cryptospace, with Bitcoin having undergone more than 329 “deaths. Many stated being a veteran investor it is out of character for Zhang Shoucheng to take his own life.

These rumors also express on various newspapers, including the South China Morning Post which drew a connection suspected this death may be tied to worsening conditions between US and China.

Danhua Capital (DHVC)

Danhua Capital (DHVC) invested in numerous investments in the crypto, with some believing that have invested up to 70% of projects in the fintech and blockchain space. DHVC has invested in projects such as Tron, Zilliqa, NEO, Aelf, Open Platform, and Ontology.

Angry investors?

Accusations of foul play have been thrown around at numerous times, especially in Chinese social media. This is in light of the recent crash in cryptomarkets, with many cryptocurrencies dropping up to 95% in value. Some investors have not taken this lightly, as shown by the assault on OKex officers in Beijing.

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