Segwit Activation and Bitcoin Future with Jimmy Song

Hi guys! I’m going to interview Jimmy Song (with Ivan on Tech), a vocal Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur about Segwit and the future of Bitcoin. Do you guys have any suggestions for interview questions?

I would like to ask the Steemit community if you have any questions to ask Jimmy (concerns over Bitcoin Scaling etc).

Video will go live on July 19th Wednesday 8 pm CST
 (view from link below, will also be cast on Ivan’s channel)

Comments and suggestions:

 Scenarios for Aug 1st
 Dispel some rumors / false information that is spreading in the bitcoin community
 Theme: Will Aug 1st Lead to a Better Bitcoin?

 * Tell us about yourself How did you get into Bitcoin
 * Why do we need to fix Bitcoin Scaling? (eg. currently, a large number of transactions create higher fees)
 * Optimistic Scenario — Locking mechanism etc
 * Failed Scenario — Betray and chain split
 * Practical: what do “regular” people absolutely need to know until the August the 1st? For example: is it safe to transact during that time etc..
 * How do we think we can heal the wounds and get everyone working together again
 * What misconceptions do you want to dispel — what do you think people get most confused about

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