BoxSwap introduces Wallet for NFT Traders

We are excited to introduce BoxSwap’s Wallet!

Today, we launch the public beta version of BoxSwap’s Wallet. The wallet enables NFT Traders to manage their assets seamlessly. It complements our current peer-to-peer swap feature by providing a “digital asset portfolio”, making it easy to search through your NFTs.

Now, the features:

Easy management of your assets, amounts, and balances

Conceptualizing the NFT address effectively was needed by our community, so we built an easy way to manage what you own and the values associated with your assets.

Secure swapping digital assets peer-to-peer

Our original product is as strong as ever and we will continue to provide the easiest and safest way to swap NFTs peer-to-peer.

Simple wrap/unwrap W-ETH widget

WETH is needed to convert ETH into an asset that protocols can utilize in their smart contracts. Using our platform, you can finally wrap and unwrap Ethereum easily.

Instant purchasing of ERC20 tokens

Thanks to 0x, we are able to provide liquidity from 0x relayers for popular assets frequently used by our NFT community.

Future Roadmap

We will be continuing our journey on building the best experiences for NFT users to swap and manage their assets. Our focus is on providing the tools needed for NFT Traders to successfully run their business.

Thank you

The team has been overwhelmed with the community’s response of our swap tool and we hope our wallet features are just as appreciated. To keep up with BoxSwap news you can follow us here on Medium, Twitter at @boxswapio, our Discord, or to to have a look around.