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4 min readMay 7, 2022


Why We’re Launching our First NFT Collection

Hi. We’re Boys Club, a social club working to attract new people to Web3 by centering the voices of women and nonbinary individuals. We do this through IRL events, educational content and by experimenting with products and projects in our DAO. Over 15,000 people have found a home with us in various ways since we started a few months back, and we have plans to [responsibly] 100x that figure in the near future. I’m one of the co-founders, Deana.

We’re launching our first NFT collection this month. Actually, we’re launching two: a free, secret drop for those in our community (May 21), and a second, purchasable NFT that allows our friends to support the mission — aka, the Zaddy NFT (Public mint May 14).

Boys Club Event, Nov ’21. Photographer Noa Griffel.

I believe that web3 is a radical enabling technology that could profoundly change the way that humans coordinate and exchange value. Like other technological innovations — computing, the internet, artificial intelligence — the web3 stack introduces fundamentally new business models, experiences, and services into our lives. To name the most obvious: user-owned marketplaces and assets, globally accessible, programmable, permission-less digital money, and open financial platforms and services. All of these represent significant opportunities to reimagine how we work, play, transact, own, and share. Web3 also represents a tremendous opportunity to create new avenues for wealth creation, and distribution — especially for historically underserved communities, who have been excluded from the opportunity to participate in building and shaping such fundamental infrastructure in the past.

This potential can only be realized if it is evenly distributed. Frankly, I do not trust Elon and Jeff to have our collective best interests at heart here.

Which is why we’re doing this work. As the saying goes — If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. Our futures are being shaped by the design choices and experimentation happening today.

Boys Club Event, April ’22. Photographer Noa Griffel.

As for Boys Club? We’re shipping. Our weekly newsletter hasn’t dipped below a 60% open rate since it launched 5 months ago. We’ve thrown 5 official events, and countless unofficial, community-driven events & meetups from Austin to London. At least 16 people have found new, higher paying jobs in Web3 through our community, and our job board is on fire. We’re reaching an entirely new audience for crypto through our frankly-unhinged Instagram. Legitimate friendships have been formed. Our podcast has a cult following. The Boys Club Discord has had over 300 applicants in the past 7 days. Ask anyone with a DeFi Daddy hoodie on, and they’ll tell you about the magic of our group. There is lightning in a bottle here and the uniqueness is not lost on any of us.

Boys Club Event, Feb ’22. Photographer Noa Griffel.

Which brings us to our NFT. The work we’re doing to attract new people to this space — from our podcast to product incubator — it’s important, it’s urgent, it’s valuable and it’s working. The NFT drop will deepen our impact, acting as our first opportunity to generate base revenue for our treasury — a critical next step in compensating contributors, ensuring community-driven projects and initiatives have the resources they need, and supporting the day-to-day operations of everything we do. A portion of the revenue we generate from our NFT drop will also go to sponsor women and NBI in our community — allowing them to attend & speak at crypto conferences around the world when the opportunity would have otherwise been cost-prohibitive.

A crucial guiding principle for us in planning this drop — one that’s been fundamental from the beginning — is the desire to add, rather than extract, value from our community. We want to use this drop to give back to our community members and early believers (even if just in the form of a sweet sweet jpeg). We also want to invite our network of supporters to show they’re bullish on our mission by minting a Zaddy — in turn, delivering immediate, tangible, and measurable value directly to our community.

Boys Club Event, March ’22. Photographer Noa Griffel.

Perks? Sure. For now, being a holder of either NFT will give you early access to opportunities that emerge from the Boys Club universe — from product drops to events to mints.

We’d like to give an extra special thank you to our first launch partners and supporters:

You’re doing the work. Your commitment to the cause is now on-chain.

0x0x & LFG,

Deana & Boys Club