Will Technology Impact the Future of Humanity and Philanthropy?

Technology is neither good nor bad, but it is also not neutral.

The Importance of Creating Technology Without Losing Humanity

Exploring the cultural, political and economic implications of future technology and how this affects the role of humanity

The Need for Strong Leadership and Regulation

bringing together open minds from corporate, start-up, charity, government and academia

If philanthropy is about promoting the welfare of people, how do we ensure these projected technology trends create value for the human race?

And what is the role of the human in all of this? Automation and artificial intelligence is forcing us to ask ourselves “what is the good life?” Without the need to work for work’s sake — will we be able to focus our creative energies on the arts, games and entertainment?

Most importantly, what do these technological developments mean for the evolution of philanthropy?

The traditional philanthropic model has seen us rely on high net worth individuals and corporates to deliver social value (which enables them to decide what social issues are important or relevant to them). How could these social issues be addressed by everyday people — through traditional philanthropy, government taxation… or is there another way?



Founded in Sept 2017, BPF’s mission is to promote the use of Blockchain technology in the non-profit sector, empowering charities to leverage this new source of wealth. Together, we are building a better world.

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