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Building Momentum this November

by Mike Schneider

The midterms are still a toss-up. Preference for congressional control is evenly split among voters and 5 Senate races are polling within 4 points. And, as we just saw from Kansas’ unprecedented Democratic turnout — when we’re motivated and mobilized, we can win.

The challenge is getting the message out — and quickly. In many battleground states, vote-by-mail means the election really starts next month. And we’re not seeing nearly the same level of investment as 2020, when new voters and voting habits helped us win the White House and Senate. Democrats invested over $84M on Facebook alone to educate and turn out voters — and we’re on pace to spend just ⅕ of that.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Momentum, a new mobilization-focused offering that can give Democrats the best chance to win in November. Based on technology we built to help power President Biden’s historic GOTV effort and lessons from over $100M in digital turnout campaigns for Democrats up and down the ticket, Momentum can:

Measure + optimize for actual votes.

Clicks, likes, and shares can’t tell us whether people are actually going to vote. Even the best survey data only tells us what people say they’ll do — not what action they’ll actually take.

Momentum’s identity graph ties digital campaigns directly to surveys, early vote, and VBM activity. That means we can identify both the ads that motivate people AND the ads that actually get them to vote.

While campaigns have used data to exclude early voters and save media dollars for several election cycles, this is the first time — at scale — that we can use this as a way to optimize for the ads that actually generate the most votes.

Guarantee voter reach.

We’ve built a network of high-quality, non-skip video inventory and locked in discounted rates for election season. Our private inventory deals give us access to as many as 100M additional video impressions a week. Most critically, we’ve locked in Q1 rates for Q4 — meaning we can avoid the typical election cycle premium and deliver an extra ~450k impressions for every $100k spent.

Maximize time-in-market.

We’ve pre-defined mobilization universes for over 60 races based on elections forecasts, vote likelihood, and top issues — and matched these to digital and CTV IDs. We know that budgets will change as we get closer to Election Day — we worked ahead so campaigns can launch within 24 hours, instead of waiting several days for list-matching.

When we used this approach to optimize creative for the Georgia Senate runoff in ’20, we found that the best creative increased ballot requests by 1.3% — almost 4x higher than lower-performing options. In a year of tight races, that kind of movement can be the difference-maker.

We’d love to help plan the most effective mobilization campaign for your voters — drop us a line at hello@bpimedia.com



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