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Evolving the Bully Pulpit Brand

by Andrew Bleeker

As you can tell from the name, Bully Pulpit Interactive was always meant to adapt and innovate. The original goal was to combine the lessons of politics with the latest technology and tactics to help solve the world’s biggest communication challenges. We were never meant to live in solely one industry or vertical. Change has always been our constant.

We’ve changed the services we offer, moving closer to being first-chair partners for our clients by integrating strategic communications, research, creative, and public affairs. We’ve expanded well beyond Washington, with clients in markets and regions across the country. And today we’re as likely to write an ad for television or print as we are for digital or CTV.

Along the way, we never updated our branding. This is partially because I love the microphone and refuse to repaint the walls. But it’s also because while our services have grown, our identity is unchanged.

We believe the most powerful ideas deserve an audience.

We believe in measuring outcomes, not impressions.

We believe ideas alone are not enough, but that great vision and powerful communications can make change possible.

And particularly after living through the Trump Administration, we know that change can and must come from all parts of society — business, philanthropy, and culture as well as politics. That intersection is where we sit.

Hopefully you can see pieces of this in the new BPI branding — true to our roots but more focused on the future than the past. It turns out that the Obama campaign was quite a while ago! Our logo continues to exude amplification, but now better represents the twin intersections we live in. Our hope is that our content also better explains the kind of work we do and the scale on which we can do it.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this evolution possible — our clients, our team, and our friends. I firmly believe that our ability and desire to continually evolve is our single greatest differentiator as an agency. We hope to see you all along the journey as we continue to make change possible together.



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