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A Bright Future for Butterfly

Butterfly Protocol started as a geeks dream to improve the foundation of the new internet. Before launching Dana Farbo was brought on to help with operations and marketing. Without Dana Butterfly Protocol wouldn’t be where it is, however he is now moving on to a new endeavor. We thank him for his work over the last year and wish him the best of luck.

Bproto, which was started to help projects build on Butterfly Protocol, will be taking over the daily management of Butterfly Protocol. I will continue to direct the development and architecture as before, Sergio Verdugo will be in charge of operations, and we will announce a new Director of Marketing soon.

Time for Butterfly to Fly!

These changes will help streamline Butterfly Protocol and let us move faster, push further, and be more transparent. This week has already seen the results of our new focus on marketing and we have a lot more planned. With new development being released and partners ready to launch the future looks very bright!




Butterfly Protocol is a next-generation domain name acquisition and ownership system that addresses the issues of freedom, accessibility, and sustainability in legacy systems.

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Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson is the Chief Architect at butterflyprotocol.io and code craftsman who thrives on cutting edge technology.

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