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Airdrop: Butterfly Protocol + Cortex

The Cortex App is a decentralized notebook, web3 publishing tool and wallet in one. It’s the ultimate tool for creating, collaborating and transacting on an open metaverse that belongs to the users.

It is cool to have a decentralized domain but to really unlock it’s power you need tools that let you use it. That is why Butterfly Protocol has partnered with Cortex App to provide a simple, yet powerful, way to publish and collaborate. Using Cortex with your Butterfly Domain you can take notes in a private wiki, publish monetizable articles, and collaborate in new ways. It really is an amazing new way to participate in the new decentralized web.

So Airdrop?

To celebrate Cortex receiving a Polygon Developer Grant and Butterfly Protocol’s upcoming launch of cross chain domains we have teamed up to give away 42 .crtx domains.

What do I get?

The Cortex App uses Butterfly domains under the .crtx TLD (top level domain). Of the people eligible 42 will be picked at random and next week the winners will be able to register the .crtx domain of their choice, if it hasn’t already been taken. In addition everyone who participates will also get a free .hmn (human) based on their twitter handle. The domains will be issued as NFTs on the Polygon network and be usable in the Cortex App as well as anywhere Butterfly domains can be used.

What do I have to do?

The promotion will run for 24 hours and winners will be announced on Friday.

Where can I learn more about Cortex?



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Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson


Josh Robinson is the Chief Architect at butterflyprotocol.io and code craftsman who thrives on cutting edge technology.