Building Partnerships Toward a Future of Decentralized Interconnectivity

Dana Farbo
Apr 16 · 2 min read
All people interconnected symbolized by hands in a circle

Partnerships are key to creating a good ecosystem that provides value for all participants. With the Butterfly Protocol, we are looking for teams and companies to participate alongside us to build a strong, decentralized web. For that to work well, incentives for creating top-level-domains (TLD) that can be used for any number of decentralized applications have been established and we will announce more of these soon.

When we look at incentives, an objective is to grow the use of Butterfly without having to use these to turn BFLY into cash to fund a business. For instance, the sponsorship of TLDs can cost close to 10,000 BFLY with the regular platform, or 100,000 with a new way to do a complete takeover of the subBFLY. These get burned with the sponsorship and they are taken out of circulation forever. If you look at the current “total” supply of BFLY, you will see that close to 200,000 have already been burned due to TLDs being created. With the 100,000 option, every 10 TLD’s will take 1 million BFLY out.

Back to the partnership side, we also have very close relations with “sister” companies that can help us accelerate our objectives for using the Butterfly Protocol as a core part of their technology stack. One of these, Avrilar, is building the next generation of learning using virtual and augmented reality. I started it and continue to play a significant role there, but I have built a team that includes learning leaders from Verizon, technologists from MIT and development teams in India and Mexico as well as the U.S. Building into real solutions is critical for Butterfly to show value and Avrilar allows us to create a positive pathway with no barriers to integration.

We welcome partners and will be announcing more innovation over the coming months. The decentralized and distributed web is an exciting place to be pioneers of and we are all part of this incredible journey. Join us if you can.


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