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Cortex NFT Domain Winners

The following are the winners of the Cortex and Butterfly Protocol NFT Domain Drop!! In addition to the .hmn domains every qualifying tweet will receive these winners will also be able to claim a .crtx domain of their choice. We hope to have the process in place for them to pick their domains next week and will reach out to the winners to help them through the process.

  1. Kurniawancore
  2. wardatunnisa_
  3. siwahuy
  4. AndrePutra98
  5. BSAdon
  6. AirdropSeekerX
  7. CoinPumpInfo
  8. dntyk
  9. He_man2007
  10. gemmyhussien
  11. bluexcupid
  12. Ksanka111
  13. AirdropsBoY
  14. Borovoe88
  15. bemmm__
  16. kepoinajakak
  17. BetelgueseRom1
  19. hoerulihwan
  20. nameis_dharshi
  21. Aszka_Irvandi
  22. Hokidon66
  23. detaaqua
  24. advancedrop
  25. airdropWEAREONE
  26. MSFachrurrozy
  27. DinujayaRoxx
  28. McEmmas
  29. ItsKaraN007
  30. 0xAnu_
  31. nasrulcuapcuap
  32. Bofbaba
  33. eL_rahen
  34. Man_Carlife
  35. OlineMediart
  36. brindez23
  37. bryanramanalagi
  38. Elisha1716
  39. I_Am_Amodu
  40. gaimoilon
  41. AirdropAnalyst1
  42. indomie500



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Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson


Josh Robinson is the Chief Architect at butterflyprotocol.io and code craftsman who thrives on cutting edge technology.