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Name All The Things


  • 5 new TLDs are being created (.plc, .thng, .anml, .mnd, .grp)
  • Choose your own name (not limited to twitter handle)
  • Includes ENS domain, Cortex Integration (coming soon), and other upcoming features.
  • Beta starts this month for BFLY holders
  • 500k BFLY burned to create TLDs
  • Cortex will burn an additional 500k BFLY for to be announced TLDs

The Long Version

Names are an important part of how humans connect and communicate. In the early days of the internet domain names were created as a human readable way to talk to a server or group of servers. When I want to send a message to my friend though I don’t care what server it goes through or what company owns it. It is about the person, not what service they are using.

We see buzz words flying around all the time like metaverse and web3. Do they mean VR? Is it referring to blockchain? Or something else? To me the next phase of human advancement is about the individual. About individual control, ownership, and connection. That may mean having an NFT that represents your ownership of a song. It may be an identity that follows you across VR worlds, social networks, and other platforms.

Last month Butterfly Protocol and Cortex launched the free .hmn NFT domains and over 19k have already been registered. While the future is individual centric and .hmn is a great place to start it isn’t the end. Names are used to identify not just people(.hmn) but also places, things, animals, idea, and more.

In order to provide more flexibility in naming all the things we are creating 5 more TLDs on Butterfly Protocol:

  • .plc (place)
  • .thng (thing)
  • .anml (animal)
  • .mnd (mind)
  • .grp (group)

Just like .hmn these new TLDs will run on Polygon and include an ENS domain that let’s you take advatage of everything ENS offers as well as upcoming exclusive features and full integration into the Cortex app.

One big difference is that with these new TLDs you will be able to choose your domain instead of being restricted to your twitter handle. A beta for the domains will start this month and be limited to BFLY holders. Following the beta registration will open up gradually with a focus on making the domains easy for even non crypto people to use.

In creating these new TLDs 500k BFLY is being burned. Cortex is also purchasing another 500k BFLY to use for to be announced special purpose TLDs that show off the power of Butterfly Protocol.



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Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson


Josh Robinson is the Chief Architect at butterflyprotocol.io and code craftsman who thrives on cutting edge technology.