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Letter sent on Dec 31, 2015

The Best of 2015

It’s been an incredible year at Black Pixel. Part of that is due to our commitment to mutual growth. This belief that expertise and experience are better when shared was the catalyst for BPXL Craft.

Before we turn the page to 2016, we thought we’d reflect on this year of learning with the top 10 articles you loved most.

  1. Apple TV: A World Without Webviews
  2. Getting Started With Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines
  3. Working With Sketch
  4. From Objective-C to Swift: A Journey
  5. What Destiny Raids Teach About Product Teams
  6. Working With IBDesignable: Part 1
  7. The Tools of My Trade: A Baker’s Dozen of Must-Have Apps and Accessories to Get My Best Work Done
  8. Prototyping With Xcode: Part 1
  9. Migrating to Apple TV: The Basics
  10. Designing for the New Apple TV: A Sketch Starter Kit