The BR11 Token Portfolio — Presenting Melhor Envio! Innovating the delivery & logistics sector.

Bernardo Quintao
Oct 1, 2018 · 4 min read
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Everyone has experienced problems when shipping a package or receiving one. Whether it has been delayed or lost, or the rates were too high, shipping has never been smooth and untroubled. Melhor Envio is innovating this scenario for e-commerce initiatives.

Market segment: E-Commerce, Logistics


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Logistics are intrinsically bureaucratic and expensive. Usually, the market is ruled by big companies that hardly let a small business join in. That’s where Melhor Envio comes to make a difference. Melhor Envio aims to disrupt the dominant logistics market and broaden it to the smaller size and online startup businesses. It allows such companies to choose the most suitable logistics & delivery solution based on their profile and needs.

Melhor Envio was founded in Rio Grande do Sul, a Brazilian State known for their entrepreneurial atmosphere. Incubated by the Center for Business Incubation from the South Region. Éder de Macedo, Mauricio Madruga, and Bruno Centurião — CEO, COO, and CTO, respectively — came to the conclusion that the logistics field had some problems to be solved, and the primary one was that only major companies had access to affordable shipping due to their operational size, and long partnerships with logistics suppliers . Small and medium e-commerce businesses are faced with a very challenging environment when forming partnerships with such companies that meet their demand and budget. That is why ascending online enterprises experience difficulty in their initial phase, which requires efficient and affordable delivery methods.

Melhor Envio comes to play providing the smaller scale online marketplace access to a variety of logistics solutions. It reduces the bottom line costs for businesses by providing them with lower shipping prices through their contracts with carriers, proprietary technology, and platform.

Melhor Envio negotiates with carriers for better prices that are reflected to companies on their platform. Bridging the logistics supply and demand, Melhor Envio has developed strong partnerships on both sides of the market. Having numerous online businesses on their platform using their outsourced service, shipment prices are substantially reduced due to Melho Envio’s significant volume of deliveries.

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Melhor Envio is the only company in the Latin American logistics market that always offers discounts for deliveries, does not require a monthly subscription payment, integrates into any platform and works with multiple carriers. Competitors that are taking a similar role in this market lack at least one of the advantages that Melhor Envio provides. It’s genuinely a new service that opens the doors for new e-commerce initiatives. The service is entirely free to use. Melhor Envio receives a percentage of the discount provided by the carriers as their revenue.

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM): R$ 10.6B / year (about US$ 2.57B)
  • Serviceable Available Market (SAM): R$ 2.9B / year (about US$ 703.78M)
  • Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM): R$ 1.8B / year (about US$ 436M)
  • US$ 2.4M + in accumulated Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).
  • US$ 330K + in revenue since 2015.
  • 300K + freights sold.
  • 20K + registered users.
  • 2.1K + monthly buyers.
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Firstly, a Melhor Envio platform user provides:

- The ZIP code from the shipment origin and the intended delivery location.

- The weight, and size of the package.

Base on this information Melhor Envio lists several shipping options for the user to choose from. The platform calculates the most affordable solution and applies the available discounts.

The user would then choose which option from the ones presented that better fits the requirements, make the online payment, print the tag, stick it on the package and deliver it to the carrier. Fast, easy and digital!

Melhor Envio brings a new business model that acts as an intermediary between online shopping businesses and logistics carriers. It’s technology, approach and growth potential are the reason we included Melhor Envio in our portfolio. BR11 intends to invest US$ 750K to US$ 1.5M in Melhor Envio mainly for the expansion in the Latin America market, marketing, and technology development for integrating new services on the platform. We are thrilled to have such an innovative initiative in the BR11 investment portfolio! Visit Melhor Envio’s for more information.

Please visit our for more information regarding our initiative and to participate in our STO. Welcome to the future of blockchain based investment and venture capital!

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