The BR11 Token Portfolio — Presenting Taylor! Innovating the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem by opening its doors to the masses.

Bernardo Quintao
Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Today cryptocurrency trading is exclusively for people with deep understanding of the industry, technical analysis, and plenty of time to monitor the markets. Taylor will be a disruptive force in the crypto trading industry by making it available to everyone.

Market segment: Cryptocurrency trading


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Cryptocurrency trading is a hot topic of discussion everywhere. The problem is that it takes a significant learning curve until anyone can start profiting from it. Taylor will take care of that, allowing anyone to begin profiting from crypto trading right away. It will also benefit the experienced trader who doesn’t have the time privilege to monitor the extremely volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Company and financial history

Taylor was founded in July 2017 when Thiago Régis co-founder of Taylor together with Fabio Seixas, had the genius idea of creating an AI Assistant to help people trade cryptocurrencies and effectively make some profits. Thiago, a programmer, and Fabio a passionate entrepreneur and founder of 7 startups joined forces, and the result of it was an incredible desire to democratize cryptocurrency trading to everyone, everywhere. Both of them with a 3-year experience dealing and trading on the crypto markets knew precisely what they had to do to solve many of the initial problems people face when entering the crypto trading arena.

In the first quarter of 2018, Taylor launched its token sales. It has been one of the most successful ICOs in Latin America history reaching the soft cap in less than 10 minutes. 1,650 investors contributed to the ICO, and within one month their ICO raised 3,097.96 ETH (about US$1,8M). With a reliable and supportive community all over the world with over 15k registered users, Taylor is one of the first Brazilian cryptocurrency related startups on the global radar.

Business model

Taylor is a subscription-based mobile app, with a sophisticated algorithm that monitors the cryptocurrency markets 24 hours a day looking for trades with a potential profit opportunity. Once found, a signal is sent to the app subscriber that in turn, in case he/she wants to enter it, would then choose the amount to be invested and the expected profit returns (between 1% to 3%). The subscriber would then hit the trade button, the entire operation will become fully automated. The Taylor app will monitor the trade and exit it at the most appropriate time to potentially generate the highest profits possible. Trading signals will be sent many times throughout the day, giving the user the opportunity to enter multiple trades each day, increasing the chance of profit returns in the long run.

A subscription for Taylor smart cryptocurrency trading services can be obtained via a monthly payment in USD or BTC/ETH. It can also be paid with TAYLR, which is Taylor’s proprietary token with a discount. In addition, holders of a minimum of 1k TAYLR enjoy a free basic subscription and holders of a minimum of 3K TAYLR a premium subscription free of charge for as long as they hold their TAYLR tokens.

Check out this video of the Taylor smart crypto trading assistant in action

Taylor and the BR11 initiative

Different from the other startups on the BR11 investment portfolio, Taylor’s business model is on the verge of the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology trend. Its vision, leadership and growth potential is the reason we included Taylor in our portfolio. BR11 intends to invest US$600K to US$1.1M in Taylor for app and desktop clients development and to scale/refine marketing, as well as, customer acquisition. We are thrilled to have Taylor part of the BR11 initiative. The sky is the limit for Taylor, and we can’t wait to see this baby grow. Visit Taylor’s website for more information

Please visit our website for more information regarding our initiative and to participate in our STO. Welcome to the future of blockchain based investment and venture capital!

For questions and comments, please join our Telegram channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

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BR11 Token

BR11 Token is a Security Token backed by 11 high-growth startups

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BR11 Token

BR11 Token is a Security Token backed by 11 high-growth startups

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