Brace Yourself
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Brace Yourself

How To Dehydrate Fruits & Vegetables To Save Money

And be healthier!

Photo by Neha Deshmukh on Unsplash

Vegetables can keep for years if dehydrated and stored properly. Among the best vegetables for dehydrating are tomatoes, carrots, beets, beans, squash, onions, peas, celery, corn, pumpkin, and broccoli. Some of these you can eat dry, like vegetable chips, and others will lend themselves to use in soups or stews.



How to adapt to economic instability, food shortages, societal upheaval, governmental indifference & anything else life throws at you. Increased self-sufficiency is our goal.

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Carolyn McBride

I’m a self-sufficiency enthusiast, an author of novels & short stories, a reader, a gardener, lover of good chocolate, coffee & life in the woods.