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We Could Survive A Month Or More Without Food

But We Don’t Have To

Photo by Alina Chernysheva on Unsplash

Starvation protests have taught us a lot about how long the human body can survive without food. The short answer is, longer if we have water. But the even shorter answer is, that we don’t have to starve!

Even in these troubled times, some people are having to make the choice between paying the heating bill or buying a little more food. It’s abhorrent that in 2022, the human race still hasn’t figured out how to feed everyone. Anyway, I can’t fix the whole world, and neither can you. But what we can do is feed ourselves and our neighbors.

There are options, we just have to think smaller. For instance,

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Carolyn McBride

Carolyn McBride

I’m a self-sufficiency enthusiast, an author of novels & short stories, a reader, a gardener, lover of good chocolate, coffee & life in the woods.