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The Realisation of Being and Becoming ?

Being and Becoming are objects of our consciousness. “Being is one, Becomings are many; but this simply means that all Becomings are one Being who places Himself variously in the phenomenal movement of His consciousness.” We are busy with counting and consuming the multiplicities. From the stand point of practical truth (vyaharika satya), being and acting requires multiplicity. But in the absence of the awareness of the (paramartika satya) or the ultimate truth, man’s true nature does not come to light. The fulfillment is understood to be pleasing or achieving one’s goal for oneself or for others or for both.

On can be and act in three ways:-

(I) Be and act as my (blind) mind says or conscience reveals as the best. Ordinarily pleasures of consumption and achievement are the meaning-giving aspects here. This is the life of likes.

(2)Be and act as to what other’s say. Imitating the structured majority is the model here. Find one’s fullness in adjusting and accommodating with the institutionalized traditions. This is the life of the commandments and customs.

(3) Be and act according to the illumined consciousness. The ultimate truth of unity shines forth. The individual finds the Self. Multiplicity becomes conscious of its oneness and oneness embraces its multiplicity. What is required is seeing the indwelling One in all.

This realisation will remove the delusion of separate existence and the limiting factors of egoism and desires. Find the deeper self in this sham show of incessant becomings of the phenomenal world. Human beings have never ending desires and many resort to coveting.

According to Sri Ramakrishna “the worldly life rotates on the two wheels of sex and gold.” To realise the Supreme Soul, one must overcome the worldly realm. Self-discipline and renouncing desires are the means recommended. This is the life of sincere love.




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