Brahma OS Progress Report(May 5 – May 11)

1、Technical Progress Report(May 5 – May 11)

  • Brahma OS :The Android 8.1.0_r22 source code construction was completed and re-entered the test model Nexus 6P. Brahma OS has also completed the use of the headset interface as a UART debugging interface, to facilitate the subsequent serial debugging.
  • Brahma Wallet:The technical team updated the Wallet Logo and startup page on Brahma Wallet. The page supports Chinese and English versions, and can switch among the mainnet and multiple test networks (Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby, INFURAnet, etc.)

2、Upcoming events

  • HiBlock Offline Salon On May 13th, 19th and 27th, Brahma OS will be present to participate in HiBlock’s offline salon in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.
  • Brahma OS Debut Brahma OS team members will make their debut at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London on May 19th.
  • Blockathon From May 25th to 27th, Blockathon held by HiBlock and Bitfwd will be in Haidian District, Beijing. Brahma OS members will discuss the development of blockchain technology and share the blockchain technology of Brahma OS.

3、Technical Highlight

  • Brahma OS independently designs the Brahma OS virtual machine and provides a Sandbox environment for each DApp that is used to run DApp and associated Framework and Libraries, which can avoid collection and achieve a stable operating environment.

For more detailed information, please check the picture below.

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