Comfort And Adventure — Life In Amsterdam At Mobiquity

(Kashyap Parmar, Senior Project Manager at Mobiquity)

After many years of being in business, Kashyap Parmar took the long way to end up at Mobiquity in Amsterdam. Now he’s living an explorative and comfortable life in the Dutch capital.

From India to Amsterdam

Kashyap Parmar: “I have a Master’s in Computer Applications and have been in the business for 14 years. I first worked as a software developer and consultant for a couple of startups in India. Later, I worked for several more established companies, like Oracle, and eventually ended up at Mobiquity’s office in Ahmedabad.

“My career was progressing nicely, but I wanted to expand my horizons, both on a professional level and a personal one. I’d been to Amsterdam a couple of times on short visits for different projects and liked the city and their work style. So, I thought to myself, could that be a good next step for me? It all sounded very positive, and it felt good making the decision to move.

“In fact, I was a bit overwhelmed. Everything is so well organized in the Netherlands. Childcare here is set up very well, and the country is very child-friendly. It’s all very comfortable, like a warm bath. And then there are the people. Dutch people are both cool and friendly. That is especially important in your work environment, where you spend most of your time. People from all over the world work here at Mobiquity, and that diversity determines the company culture. I really like how there is no single dominating group.”

Apps that really help people

“Right now, I am working a lot on De Telefoongids (DTG), the digital Dutch Telephone Guide. Our goal is to add value for their clients and in that way for the company. Let me give you a simple, but clear example of how we’re doing this for their clients, both big and small.

“Suppose you run a restaurant and you get help from DTG to expand your online visibility. You will also get great insights into your traffic flow. Where do your customers come from, what exactly are they looking at, how often, and at which times? How often are reviews seen by the right customers? How many people actually make a reservation? All of that is extremely important for a business owner! Once you get this insight, you can figure out how to serve your customers better. For example, you might adjust your hours of operations, what you offer and where you advertise. Your restaurant become easier to find and you learn how to increase your sales. It is wonderful to work on this kind of project, an app that truly helps people and businesses.”


A growth trajectory

“Mobiquity offers me the opportunity to move towards a consultancy position. A fantastic growth trajectory of two years has been laid out for me. When I am not working, my family and I are exploring Europe. We’ve already seen Prague, Vienna, London, and Berlin, and we are getting to see so much more. The rich variety of Europe is only a couple of hours from Amsterdam in any direction and there are always many cheap flights available.

“We live in Hilversum, a village near Amsterdam, in a beautiful wooded area. In Amsterdam we are still exploring many of the typical tourist destinations. It has been so much fun to take boat trips through the canals, see the Rembrandt House and Van Gogh museum, and wander through beautiful, privately owned canal houses on Amsterdam’s so called ‘Open Days.’ Things are going pretty well — I must say.”

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