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Driving digital innovation at Mobiquity APAC

Gustavo Quiroga, VP Mobiquity APAC

Gustavo joined Mobiquity in June 2021 to lead the new Mobiquity APAC hub. Sharing his story with us, he talks about the importance of matching value with need, to enable the creation of meaningful experiences for both the client and end user. He also shares his vision for Mobiquity APAC and how he plans to grow and develop the hub to add value to the regional market.

Gustavo Quiroga: My family migrated from Colombia in 1974 to Australia, with no English language skills or formal education, taking a chance in the hope of a better life. Australia has really been a wonderful experience for myself and my family, giving us a lot of opportunities. I grew up watching my parents work three shift jobs so they could afford to send us to good schools. Despite them working a lot, I still have fantastic memories of a fun childhood where we would go camping and play cricket. Whilst I can see their hard work ethic has become a defining feature of who I am today and how I tackle everyday life, as I have matured and grown up I really believe that the work you do needs to co-exist with the lifestyle you want to have. Therefore, I always put focus on having enjoyment at the centre of everything I do. I continue to work hard but also make sure I take time to enjoy the life I have built for myself with my family.

Matching value with need

I started my working career in one of Australia’s largest companies at the time, in the steel division. It wasn’t long before the business started to recognise that I had a natural ability to engage with people and feel at home, no matter who I was engaging with. Whether I was out on the construction site with the field workers or back in a meeting room having discussions with top decision makers. That is when I first started to think about sales as a career. I liked the idea that I could be in a position to help another and connect value with need. Matching what an organisation has to offer with what a client is looking for.

After some time I decided to embark on an international journey where I sold all my personal belongings and moved to Vietnam. I worked as the sales and marketing manager for one of the largest telephone networking companies where I also managed relations with the Government. And that was the beginning of the rest of my career in the technology field. I later went on to work for different companies throughout Latin America such as Peru, Edcador, Venezuela and Costa Rica focusing on advancing their implementation and use of digital. When the internet and technology really started to take off and we were becoming more and more exposed to technology, new exciting opportunities started to arise with the introduction of flip phones, SMS, data sharing, and automated emails. It really was fascinating to witness the speed of adoption and change and how technology could help solve problems with fraud and communication.

I came back to Australia around 2011 and started to work for a couple of the large firms where I gained a lot more experience of utilising data analytics and AI to get a better understanding of customers. After a few years I was ready for a new change and craved something more innovative and challenging. I wanted to join an organisation who holds the customer as a source of transformation, who is making a difference with technology at the cutting edge of digital transformation, and who is hungry to grow and make an impact. That is when I came into contact with Mobiquity who were looking to start an APAC hub to expand on their growing presence. I was intrigued by their offering, loved their culture, and was excited about having the opportunity to be part of building something new.

Creating meaningful experiences

Having worked in many large companies where the focus was on enterprise, I was excited to join an organisation where I felt I could actually have a tangible impact on my clients’ customers. Where together we can create meaningful experiences through building great products and services for customers that utilise technology in a positive way. And to actually see that improved experience making a real difference. Whether it’s helping the end customer enjoy a better and more frictionless life, helping the client themselves reduce effort and cost to serve, or enabling clients to gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of the market they are serving.

Why Mobiquity? Because the focus on digital and digital experience is the centre of everything Mobiquity does! Taking a client from their current state to an improved state through the use of technology to improve their enjoyment of life. Being able to bring business experience and technical know-how straight to the end user. Bringing the client through the steps of that initial idea phase right through a digital transformation journey towards a fully functional, highly advanced, beneficial product offering. Being able to confidently say to our clients “I can help you make your customer’s experience with your brand and offering better”.

I really enjoy getting involved in the process of connecting all the great technologies and digital offerings available to the final desired output that is in everyday use by the client and end users. We are looking to help our customers stay competitive by reimagining both the customer and digital product experience to ensure we keep their offering from getting lost in the noise of a microcosm of competition and increasingly complex user journeys. We listen carefully to the needs, help to validate actions steps and as we engage with the client are always aiming to exceed their expectations. In order to achieve a good outcome, you have to care about what you are doing.

Growing Mobiquity’s APAC hub

Mobiquity has an interesting proposition to bring a true value-add to the APAC market. We are currently accelerating the rate of expansion of our team to help deliver on Mobiquity’s vision and meet the demand for our value proposition. We are focused on hiring senior people, who really understand what clients want and need, and can build that rapport and trust needed to take conversations away from technology and man hours and rather focus on outcomes. We are not just looking to hire lots of employees, they need to be the right fit and truly want to make a difference. We need colleagues that have expertise within their domain, have a genuine interest in investing their time to bring an idea to reality, and are not afraid to challenge our clients to ensure that together we deliver the best customer experience possible.

With a formidable leadership team boasting individually 20+ years of digital and financial services experience, we have already been able to make great progress and expand our voice of the Mobiquity brand in the APAC market. We are expanding our work with many clients within the banking, retail and healthcare space, helping them to focus on customer experience first, technology second. They see us as an extension of their value proposition that they can deliver to their customers. We have many exciting partnerships and clients who we are working with such as Hay, Eftpos, Immunify life and one of the top 5 banks in Australia. I am excited to see what the future holds and how we can continue to grow and develop the Mobiquity APAC hub. If you think you would be a good match to join my ever expanding team, please reach out and connect!

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Interested to be part of Mobiquity’s growing APAC hub? Check out our open vacancies:

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