From Ferrari To Mobiquity…

Alessio Roberto, Senior IOS Developer and Technical Lead of the IOS Team

He started at Ferrari, ran into a step-tracker in New York, fell in love with apps, and saw an opportunity at Mobiquity that was a great fit.

Alessio Roberto: “When you talk about food, there is only one language that makes sense for doing so — Italian. OK, I’m known around here for frequently talking about good food and good health. I just can’t help myself — I’m Italian. Good food and health are just about the first things you’re aware of.”


“I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2007, then worked at Magneti Marelli for one year on a Ferrari project dealing with hydraulic systems and electrical circuits, and then at other companies. Then, I moved to mobile software development, where I am now.. So, why did I make the move from Ferrari to Mobiquity?

During my honeymoon in New York, I ran into the Jawbone fitness tracker. It is worn on the wrist to track distance walked calories burned, and other health metrics. That technology had a great impact on me at the time. I realized that making the connection between health and innovative technology is a great personal fit for me. And,I have to admit,for me it is important to be able to do something positive and contribute. I was ready to genuinely dive into this new area and saw that Mobiquity is remarkably strong in health-related projects.”

Extremely Useful

“I worked on the Actify Bewegen app for Achmea. Not only does this app keep track of how much you move but also it allows you to win points for rewards such as discounts for movie tickets, sport items, gym memberships, and so on. This app is extremely useful. Another example of the work I’ve done here at Mobiquity is in cooperation with the Princess Maxima Cancer Center for Pediatric Oncology. We are working on an app that makes it easier for parents to follow their child’s medical journey from the first appointment through examinations and possible surgeries. And for Philips, I’m working on the analytics team that keeps track of how Philips’ apps are used. Among them, for instance, is an app that helps people with sleeping problems.”

(Source: Actify Bewegen)

Naturally the Best

“These are genuinely helpful tools that are also technically very complicated. You have to perform many feasibility studies such as, ‘Is this possible?’ ‘Might that be possible?’ I find that fascinating.

Italians are passionate about pizza and pasta. These are delicious, of course, but there is a much wider array of options — special tastes and dishes that we also love, such as stuffed peppers, which are much healthier might I add. It is just like our work here. We’re passionate about all that we do and give it all of the love and attention that we’ve got. But at the same time, there’s much more that goes into delivering an impactful digital solution than you might initially think. By combining our passion with our understanding of what goes into a digital solution, we really give the very best. That’s what we strive for here at Mobiquity.