HBP Young Researchers Event

Budapest © milosk50 / Adobe Stock

By Lauren Orwin

Hungary played host to the very first HBP Young Researchers Event in April. The one-day event, which focused on simulations on different scales of space and time, took place in Budapest, a city widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe. The event was open to all early-career scientists in the HBP community, as well as to external participants.

Participants learn about simulation at the HBP Young Researchers Event © The Human Brain Project 2016 / Arantxa Cedillo

The goal of the event was to train a new generation of scientists to use simulation tools, and to show how these tools can aid collaboration. This is particularly important in a field where the combination of technology and collaboration is key to driving forward success. A strong understanding of the latest simulation software and cutting edge computing platforms is a real asset, and the HBP is keen to support early-career scientists in their introduction to the tools available.

The event was organised by a Steering Committee of early-career scientists from various HBP Subprojects, advised by senior HBP researchers and the HBP Education Team. They put on a very successful and engaging event, thanks to a compelling programme that included a keynote lecture, demos, networking sessions and interactive activities.

This is just one example of an event run by the HBP Education Team. They also organise regular workshops and an annual school. For more information, please see the HBP Education website.

A photo gallery for the HBP Young Researchers Event is available here.

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