Design thoughts on a Yogurt cup

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This may sound ridiculous but this post is about a design flaw that I noticed recently with my breakfast.

Over the past few weeks I’ve fallen into the habit of passing by the little healthy restaurant downstairs on my way to the office to pick up my breakfast which constitutes of a granola yogurt cup. And as you may know, granola yogurt cups are usually prepared in layers from bottom to top.

The design issue that I have with cup arrangement is that the best layer is the one on top, which makes for a very delightful first bite but for an anti-climatic conclusion.

Wouldn’t it make for an overall better experience if the best part is at the bottom rather than the top? Wouldn’t more people finish their breakfast feeling a tiny-bit happier than they are now?

I know that the top layer matters for presentation which drives people to buy it in the first place, but wouldn’t the last bite being the best makes them come back for more?

I realize that it’s something that almost no one notices or even cares about but those mini experiences/moments combine into shaping up our mood throughout the day, and rarely do we pay attention to them.

This insignficant revelation made me reflect on how we design experiences within products, and how with some well-placed effort we can purposefully obsess over the small details to turn the product from something that merely gets the job done into an experience that leaves users with a sense of delight and satisfaction, no matter how tiny it may seem.