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Brainblocks acquires NanoMate

Brainblocks is pleased to announced the acquisition of NanoMate, an incredible platform built by Angus Russell which allows you to send Nano to anyone without them having heard of Nano before with a just a link.

Coming soon, NanoMate will be fully integrated service to the new Brainblocks wallet. With this feature, Brainblocks is aiming at mass consumer usage of Nano by simplifying things even further both sending/receiving Nano, bringing faster adoption.

We also want to announce Angus Russell will also be joining the Brainblocks team as UX and front-end developer with over 10 years of front-end development experience. He’s also been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2014 while learning about Nano last December. He is a passionate developer and we are really pleased to have him on board.

At Brainblocks it is our mission to make Nano payments very simple, the recent NanoWallet & NanoMate acquisitions joined together with our payment processing platform we hope to make using crypto just as easily as cash.



BrainBlocks is a paradigm shift in payment processing. We process payments instantly and without any fees.

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