Podcast Mixtapes

Here’s an idea for a web thing that you should make and afterwards figure out how to make money from. Bonus points if it doesn’t include VC or ads. (Minus points if both.)

One day, sitting at work, you laugh out loud because Greg the host of your favourite podcast “Tim & Greg’s Lazy Hour” says he’s been biking during the weekend and, well, if one knows Greg like you do, that would be what Greg would have been up to, so you simply cannot hold it back. You crack open with a half spitting / half laughing noise.

Seconds later coming back to reality you look up and notice your coworker looking at you, tainted by your spit, hinting at you to take off your headphones.

“What are you listening to?” she asks. Oh, where to begin.

Podcasts come in feeds. This is one of the best things about them. Over time you build a relationship with each one. You are there when all the internal jokes come to life and by now you feel like you and the hosts should just rent a cabin some time and be best pals because it feels like you already are.

But you can’t instruct your coworker to listen to the prior 136 episodes and then she’ll know. You have to point her to something that will ease her into it.

podcastmixtapes.sexy (not a real thing until you create it)

Luckily there’s podcastmixtapes.sexy (not a real thing. Yet.)

  1. Coworker wants in on the funnies.
  2. You create a mixtape, pick the 4–5 episodes that’ll give her the best intro, give it the title “Up to speed on Tim & Greg”.
  3. After the first episode there are a few things that you should probably explain so you type in a few curator’s notes. These get added to the feed in between the episodes.
  4. You share the address of the mixtape with coworker.
  5. Coworker subscribes to the mixtape with her podcast player (like a decent person) or listens to it directly in her browser (like an animal.)

Your coworker is now better suited to either subscribe to the real deal — or judge you and your weird ass humour.

Other mixtape ideas:

  • Episodes that’ve made me cry in public
  • Intro to Roderick on the Line and the #supertrain movement
  • Best of This American Life pre episode 500
  • You Look Nice Today episodes mentioning Adam’s drumming
  • For Lisa ❤️🎧 (ongoing, made by Lisa’s boyfriend)
  • Siracusa Setting Things Straight (3+ new episodes each week)

Now go seize this fortune that I’ve left in your hands.