Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.

He most certainly did not create the damn GMAT test, however. It must be the work of the devil then.

But I digress.

I didn’t always want to take the GMAT. In fact, I still don’t. But like many who go down this path, I view it as a needed insurance policy for when the markets go to shit (I work in finance) and all hell breaks loose again. After all, we’re overdue for a recession, and I’m not willing to bet on just how much of an “invaluable resource” I am, like they told me…and every single one of the two thousand employees in the firm during year-end reviews. I see right through you boys. Like Morpheus.

The other reason I feel compelled to take this test now as opposed to later is my brain. I can feel it wiring itself ever so differently day after day. After all, we live in a vocational society at the end of the day. You get good at specific things and frameworks, and forget basically 100% of everything else our tax dollars paid so dearly for in high school. And then the GMAT tests you on exactly the things you forgot. And so, I’ve decided that I have to take this thing while I still have a little bit of high school left in my brain, that SAT mojo.

But I didn’t want to just approach this like a slog of chores. Instead, I’ve decided to keep myself and the rest of the world watching me, amused, by documenting my journey from start to finish here. I think it’s important for people to see a raw, unfiltered version of what the process is like, unlike the two hundred other blogs out there that give you a sterile, picture-perfect, goody-two-shoes version filled with immaculate study schedules and the likes of a willpower seemingly bestowed upon them by Zeus himself. I want to give you the real version. The pathetic version. The version that makes you feel better about yourself at the expense of my own ego.

Because that’s what I would want to read.

And so, starting on January 1, 2017, I give you my journey from day one.

Here’s to making my mom somewhat proud.