The MacBook Pro Touch Bar Is Not A Gimmick (To Me)

It has nothing to do with any fancy-schmancy functionality

Every day, the average user goes through hundreds and thousands of actions a day, clicking and dragging, moving their cursors from one window corner to another. Typing in their credit card info as they shop. Raising the volume one minute, lowering it the next. You change the brightness up and down, zoom out and zoom in. You change apps and tag and fill in addresses, names, phone numbers, scrolling through your 50 auto-fill passwords and usernames from bygones.

And all those hundreds and thousands of actions? They add up.

In time.

Every time you have to drag your mouse or move your hand on the keyboard, you spend anywhere from a fraction of a second getting where you need to go on the x-y plane, to tens of seconds as you fumble around in your wallet finding your credit card’s expiration date.

Now just do the math. Let’s say on average, you take about 1,000 actions per day, clicking buttons, closing windows, changing the volume, filling out credit card and address info, etc. And each of those actions average out to be about a second. Seems reasonable, and frankly, conservative if you think about how deep into menus and dialog boxes, some actions are, and how slow the average user is.

Of course, the Touch Bar isn’t costless in time terms either, but with Touch ID, auto-fill on the Touch Bar, and contextually updated/quicker to reach buttons, dials, sliders and gizmos, let’s say it takes you a quarter-second for the same exact task.

Now multiply that out.

1,000 actions * 0.75 seconds/day (1–0.25 sec) = 750 seconds/day

750 seconds/day * 365 days = 273,750 seconds/year

273,750 seconds/year = 4,562.5 minutes/year

4,562.5 minutes/year = 76 hours/year

76 hours/year = 3.2 days/year

3.2 days per year.

Let that sink in for a second. Just think about it how much you’d kill for an extra 3.2 day vacation every year or how much you could do over a 3-day weekend.

And that is why the Touch Bar is worth every penny to me.

Because it gives me back the most valuable asset of all.