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4 min readMay 23, 2018


Foreseeing The Future With A New Paradigm: Building The Infrastructure For The Internet Of Value.

Now, we stand at the edge of the 4th and most disruptive industrial revolution, powered by artificial intelligence and driven by data. Deep Learning models are taking over entire industries. Human are disrupted in the workplace. Physical assets are digitized, then tokenized. These digitized world relies on huge amounts of computing power and heterogeneous, unstructured datas. These datas are trustless and of full biases.

Founded in 2013, BRAINCITIES is a french startup based in Paris. The company is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data science.

At BRAINCITIES we uncover meaningful stories inside the data. We use our real-time platform data refinery capabilities and calculation accuracy to provide reliable predictions to HR, finance and smart cities industries decision-makers. We make ecosystems like cities and companies smarter with our human-supportive artificial intelligence.

To do this, we are building the DATACHAIN. The distributed network and the related protocol that will secure the data used by our AIs to provide accurate and reliable recommendations to individuals, businesses, government, IoT users and suppliers.

Individuals generating and storing their information on the network can retain access to it through encryption keys, independent of the service or application that generated or required access to it. Many companies are exploring the opportunity offered by the blockchain to create new services and platforms relying on business models, allowing users to keep full control over their data accessibility. Some, like BRAINCITIES, are engaged on a path that leads to the creation of a decentralized web using the blockchain.

Decorolating data from the services and applications using it ensures user data-privacy and prevents service providers from risk areas, such as data breaches or the temptation to stockpile and abuse people’s data.

No doubt, data is the internet’s main asset and it has become the backbone of a society that will rely soon on over 70% of daily recommendations made by autonomous systems, such as BRAINCITIES AI. According to Saadia Madsbjerg, Managing Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, your personal data is worth an estimated $1,000 per year, a number that should be multiplied by 10 times as large in 2030. Today, data brokers centralize the value generated by people on the internet and social media. Data brokerage is a $200 billion industry and it is all built on a free commodity: our personal data. Marketing products generate over 50% of the total generated revenue, risk mitigation constitutes approximately 45% of the revenue and people search constitutes the remainder.

In its latest report on global advertising market trends, released December 4, 2017, MAGNA forecasted digital and mobile advertising sales to grow by +13% in 2018 to reach $237 billion or 44% of global advertising revenues. Approximately 54% of this was shared between Google and Facebook. The two giant platforms will benefit from 50% of total advertising sales by 2020. Magna expects in 2018, 44% of global advertising revenues will rise to 50% by 2021 (i.e., $300 billion of an estimated $600 billion). The big opportunity is in the disintermediation of both ads targeting and data brokerage.

“If data is the new oil, if data is a commodity. It should have a price and it should be possible to trade on exchanges.”

The emergent new paradigm of data ownership brings the concept of consent and mutual interest to the table. We envision this new internet as the infrastructure of a decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence providing Outcomes-as-a-Service. Imagine alexa or Siri integrated at the root of the current internet. These context aware recommendation systems (AI) main goals would be to match service providers offers with data-owner needs. The need-based approach supported by AI and reliable data would allow accurate targeting and contextualized product and service recommendations. By making their data accessible for data scientists to train their models and for alerting services and products provider of their need such internet users would be rewarded and paid with DC coins in line with a smart contract on the DATACHAIN.

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Name: Kazé A. ONGUENE

Title: CEO


Bio: Kazé A. ONGUENE is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BRAINCITIES LAB. A Futuristic Thinker and Entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in IT project management, recruitment, team building and web development, he studied Software engineering at ECE Paris and computer science at la Sorbonne. During the last 15 years, Kazé used his creativity and resources to help companies like France Telecom, Pierre & Vacances and Le Figaro adapt their businesses to digitization and develop web-based projects. Using AI, robots and blockchain to design the city of the future and a sustainable society is his engineer challenge. Kazé is militating for Data Commoditization.