Unfolding the Future of Digital Marketing through Artificial Intelligence

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Can you guess what are the two most popular words that are talked about everywhere in the business world for quite a time and promoting them like crazy due to their benefits? Yes, you guessed it right! Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing. These words are no longer alien to us.

Well, Digital Marketing is nothing less than a science. It’s a combination of human psychology, social trends, technological innovations and a bit of future prediction.

Some of the brightest brains at IBM research Laboratories and Ivy League Research Labs were working hard that year to stimulate a hypothetical neural network. It began as an attempt to replicate the working of the human brain in order to make things more intelligent. Their aim was to develop computer programs that mimicked the physiology and functions of the human brain to do amazing things. These scientists wanted to create systems that could affect the decision-making processes of humans by identifying patterns, data, and filter information based on its importance.

The original aim of this approach was to solve problems in the same way that a human brain would. Since it has been used on a variety of applications like medical diagnosis, speech recognition, computer vision, and social network filtering. It marked the beginning of deep learning — and yet another revolution for marketing.

During the same era, the television advertisements started in full swing. Shifting the marketers reach of the target audience. Marketing was officially becoming a big business opportunity with the proven revenue figure reaching $6 billion in the consequent 1960s as compared to $1.3 billion in the 1950s. The 21st century has worked on the same line and improved this Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has no doubt, unfolded new business opportunities by reaching the right audience, but AI has proved to be the icing by revolutionizing the business through its intelligent tools.

It has the capability to take care of all the monotonous work and shift the marketers focus on the brand creation and customers more than ever. Let me unleash the power of AI and how digital marketers can prepare themselves for future innovations.

“AI is not a human replacement but will take over repetitive tasks”

Let’s say there is a scenario its midnight, and a customer tags your brand online and tweets his interest on a product he saw on your site. All your customer service agents are home asleep, and it is expected that customer won’t get his answer until next working day. But then, just seconds later, he receives a personalized response with more info on the product, its benefits and purchase options. Another customer posts excellent feedback on one of the products he used, and, again, she receives an immediate thanking message.

This is where the future of digital marketing is going. AI aids business leaders with the extra power to understand their customer better and address them effectively without any delay.

“By 2020, more than 40 percent of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience.” — Gartner

Artificial neural networks have the ability to detect and extrapolate upon patterns. AI can automatically identify opportunities and act upon them itself. You will get more accurate results, the more a neural network goes through this process. These cognitive approaches are already being applied to numerous aspects of the digital marketing sciences, with new applications emerging every day.

“The primary step in excelling your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations”

Wouldn’t you like if your prospects and clients get an email when they want to get it instead of just sending them randomly?

AI — Your best friend for sending Personalized Email to all your Customers.

AI unifies with all your user data and preference and analyses it for you. It has the power to personalize email marketing campaigns and send the email at the best time to get a response. It also can generate the catchy titles and subject line to get the maximum clicks.

So the customer whom you mailed replying his tweet is very happy to get an instant response and places a bulk order next day. Isn’t that a big day for you. You just got a bulk order with least efforts. That’s where AI is heading Digital Marketers- Gain more with least efforts.

So, sit back and relax while AI handles your email marketing. Top email marketing tools like Phrasee and Persado says AI has superseded human efforts of email generation by over 95%. So you know best where you want to put your maximum efforts- Not on sending emails but fulfilling your orders.

Facebook and Google Ad platforms are the pioneer to use machine learning and AI to get the desired action expected by Advertisers. User demographics, likes, preferences etc are analysed to achieve best brand targeting.

AI infused in Digital Marketing will make search engines much smarter and risk-free, easily tracking user’s behaviour and predict their future decisions and web behaviour. Based on past patterns, it can anticipate how engaging each social media post will be.

The future of Digital Marketing is going to be much improved with services like Adext which is nothing but an Audience Management as a Service. It guarantees the Advertisers to get the optimum sustained conversion date and identify the best platforms and channels to invest on.

So while you readily get the best audience for your brand, you only need to provide the customers with best product or services. Predictive analytics of AI will undoubtedly offer businesses with higher ROI through improved customer experiences and targeted marketing.

“Online Search is already on the path of Revolution- Simply Voice your search instead of Text”

Google has stated clearly that till date 20% of all searches are voice related and by 2020 it is expected to rise up to 50%. It is one of the big advances along with RankBrain-Google’s algorithm that has ever happened in the world of Internet searches and Search Engine Optimization

RankBrain gives best results using user’s voice searches in various languages. It provides real-time language translation; understand images and many more services. So irrespective of the language you say or type in, it tries to understand what you mean by searching for keywords through its algorithm. It considers your search term as a concept and looks for pages with that concept and gives a ranking boost to your page if you like the search result. SEO is definitely getting optimized here.

Increase your Organic Traffic by adapting to Voice Search Power

Online Marketers now understand the importance of voice searches, and they are taking the time to adapt their online business before they get passed by. So marketers now need to pull their socks and get aligned with the content. They should relate to users verbal expression and replace long tail keywords to conversational keywords.

Some of the popular Voice Search technology helping to increase brand recognition are Alexa, Google Home, SIRI.

“By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human” — Gartner

You know what I am talking about. Yes, Chatbots. They are the future of marketing and can surely drive your sales up.

Today consumers are looking for easy, self-serve options to find online information to make a purchasing decision. Cognitive systems can leverage that opportunity through virtual assistants such as chatbots that provide 24/7 customer support. It points consumers in the direction dictated by marketers, and free up customer service agents to focus on more cost-benefit ratio tasks.

Chatbots are hot in the market and many websites have already incorporated it. Have you ever noticed a pop-up chat window asking for help while browsing certain websites? If yes, that’s what it is. Majority of the preliminary info and queries can be well handled by chatbots freeing up manpower to concentrate on better tasks.

Let’s think big, for a moment. You can be one of the pioneers in this unfolding marketing revolution if you are ready to accept AI’s fortunes along with its flaws. Although it isn’t perfect at this moment and is still in the early stages of its evolution but you can definitely take advantage of being an early bird.

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Written by Bibin Ponnachan, Digital Marketing Strategist, Braincities Lab

Published by By Bibin Ponnachan, Digital Marketing Strategist, Braincities Lab


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