Submit Your Writing to Brain Food Magazine

If you’re like me, you’ll be tired of reading the same fluff about childhood memories of persimmons and the latest novelty restaurant openings, preferring to get to the heart of what it means to eat. The aim of Brain Food Magazine is to become the foremost source of thought-provoking independent food writing.

Brain Food Magazine is a place for opinions, thoughts and ideas about food.

We don’t want recipes, restaurant reviews, nutribollocks, event coverage or “I only ate deep fried Kimchi for a month and this is what happened” experiences.

Articles can be from any perspective, such as opinion or evidence, futuristic or historical. You might be a consumer, CEO, eco-warrior, secret government agent, academic or just plain angry — as long as what you write is meaningful.

We welcome quality writing of any length, from confident voices in food. Adding your work to a publication on Medium collectively raises the profile of all those who contribute.

To submit an article to Brain Food Magazine, it must be a previously unpublished draft on Medium.

Guidelines for submitting to Brain Food Magazine:

  • Ensure your article is engaging and thought-provoking, whilst avoiding technical or academic writing styles.
  • Create an eye-catching, thought-provoking title. Medium readers make a choice based SOLELY on this line of text, it’s more important than every other line in your article.
  • Each piece must contain a high quality header image cropped landscape (1500px x 500px) with a credited source. Preferably something abstract and not a traditional food photo. We recommend for free images.
  • Additional images throughout the text are preferable, especially if your article is over 800 words.
  • Use Medium’s seperators ( . . . ) between sections to create natural breaks in the flow of the text.
  • Use Medium’s quote feature to highlight important passages of text for the reader
  • If your work has already been published elsewhere such as on a personal blog, please add “This article was originally published on *date* on *website*”
  • If we feel an article needs editing before publishing, we will send feedback via private notes.
  • Titles need to be formatted in capital case.
  • Ensure your profile is complete with a good quality profile picture.
  • Please do not remove or edit your article after publication.
  • You always retain the copyright of your work.

Share your Medium draft using the ‘share’ link at the top of the draft page. E-mail it to gavin AT lepetitoeuf DOT com or DM me on Twitter. If you do not receive a response within two weeks then please follow up via email or Twitter.

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