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My grandmother has Alzheimer’s. My dad’s mom was diagnosed at age 75 but probably she had been suffering it sin early before that.

We had been noticing changes since her early sixties.

As a granddaugher of an Alzheimer’s patient I have been very concerned with the topic. And specially in trying to understand and release the potential of that medium sized grey mass that we carry on our heads called brain.

Investigating I find out that there is a research published in the Journal of Neurological Sciences (Vol 333, October 2013), that consisted of 94 patients. 18 had already been diagnosed as showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, 24 had some mild cognitive impairment, 26 had other types of dementia (i.e., not Alzheimer’s), and 26 were a control group.

Each participant was asked to block one of their nostrils and close their eyes. A tablespoonful of peanut butter was then held at a measured distance away from their open nostril. The peanut butter was moved nearer to them in one centimeter intervals until they were able to smell it. The exercise was then repeated with the other nostril.

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The researchers concluded that patients with Alzheimer’s were not able to smell the peanut butter as well through their left nostril as their right one.

Still this test is not used as a formal way of diagnosing rather than confirming a previous diagnose of Alzheimer’s.

There is debate on the topic, as the doctors says that many other neurological impairments may cause the inability to smell correctly. But it is a fact that all the Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosed patients had trouble smelling peanut butter through the left nostril.

So maybe just to be at peace we might as well try it. Obviously not in a state of flu or sinus because that will certainly impair your ability to smell, but yes in a normal day just to have a mental note on it.

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